How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Sauna

Asking for “How much weight can you lose in a sauna?” In the last two decades, saunas have become an integral part of our lives. It is, however, interesting to note that saunas are as old as humanity. There is evidence that Scandinavian societies had saunas, which they used for different reasons. The concept of saunas has, however, developed and improved over the years.

The main reason why people now opt sauna is the scientific claim that saunas help in weight loss. This piece explores ways in which sauna helps your body to lose weight and all the details you should know in the process.

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The scope of weight loss through saunas

As earlier mentioned, many scientific papers have shown a strong relationship between saunas and weight loss. The concept of losing weight through sauna is arguably one of the most discussed ideas by fitness professionals. How does it happen?

The following are some of the ways your body loses weight when you take a sauna bath.

Sauna bath assists in losing water weight.

Water weight is an essential concept in regards to body weight. Scientists have urged that in order to deal with the weight issue, one must first deal with water weight. The definition of water weight and it affects your body weight.

Water weight in a simple language is the excess water in your body. The human body is mainly water, and according to nutritionists, you are supposed to have 60% water in your body. Any percentage higher than that is water weight.

In order to reduce water weight, you can have a diet approach. In most cases, however, a diet approach is not only costly but may be slow. Nutritionists also argue that it may not be a long time approach in dealing with water weight.

However, sauna baths help in lowering the water weight. Unlike in dieting, it is fast and cost-effective. Frequent sauna baths in a week, therefore, help in addressing weight issues. It is, however, advisable to have a constant routine for better results.

Sauna baths help in boosting metabolic rate in your body

It is hard to talk about weight loss without addressing the metabolic rate. The simple definition of this concept is the rate in which our body converts what we eat to energy as opposed to keeping the foods in the form of fats.

Like water weight, there are different ways of addressing our metabolic rate. For example, there are drugs that one can use to increase metabolism. On the other hand, one can have a diet approach to metabolism. However, the two approaches are expensive and may not be healthy in the long term.

On the other hand, using a sauna to boost your metabolic rate is safe and affordable. Scientists have identified a close connection between our bodies and the sauna heat. Therefore, consistent sauna baths will assist you in improving your metabolic rate and eventually assisting in weight loss. It is, however, essential to appreciate the fact that consistency is key in the overall results. Sauna baths should also not replace the importance of taking care of your health and, more importantly, your diet.

Sauna baths are ideal in stress reduction

There is a close connection between weight and stress. Scientists argue that the more stressed one is, the more weight they are more likely to add. Fortunately, a sauna bath is ideal in helping your body cope with stress and eventually create a perfect route to weight loss.

When you are free from stress, your body is in a better state to have the correct metabolism. Apart from relying on sauna baths, you should look for ways to minimize the causes of your stress and therefore have a comprehensive approach to handling stress.

Sauna baths are ideal in increasing your body capacity to engage in physical practice

Physical practices may negatively affect some body parts. For example, your lungs are affected by prolonged and excessive practices. However, sauna baths may help to increase the lungs’ capacity and prepare the body for practices. However, it is advisable to trust the process as opposed to waning quick results.

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Steps to losing weight through a sauna bath

How much weight can you lose in a sauna bath? There are different answers to the question. Different people lose different weights because of various factors. The primary goal, however, is to increase your capacity when using a sauna and loses as much weight as possible.

Here are steps to calculating weight loss in a sauna bath:

Create a goal

One of the first and the most important step to weight loss is having a goal. How many pounds do you want to lose and how long do you want the process to take. Creating a goal is also instrumental in mental preparation.

Follow a guide when creating a weight loss goal. For example, you want to lose 10 pounds. You must first understand that to lose a pound; you need to lose at least 3500 calories. Therefore, to lose 10 pounds, you will need to lose at least 35000 calories.

Create a framework

From the above numbers, you cannot lose 10 pounds in a day. However, if you create a sustainable structure, you will lose weight. The framework, in this case, should entail the time you should take and, more importantly, the ideal setting to achieve the above results.

However, when creating a framework, you should appreciate some realities. For example, your structure should not be over-ambitious. This aspect does not mean that setting a higher goal is terrible, but any purpose should respect realities.

Prepare for sauna sessions

Preparations are critical when using sauna baths for weight loss. Therefore, you should always have a checklist before sauna baths. Some of the critical items you should always carry to saunas include:

  • Towel
  • Water
  • A phone (and anything you need to keep you entertained during a sauna bath).

Have the correct mindset

Apart from ensuring that you have everything in place, it is advisable to have the right mindset. You should prepare your body through psychologically. This aspect is ideal for two reasons. First, it gives your body a chance to withstand high body temperatures. Second, having the right mindset is perfect, especially when it comes to detecting extremely high temperatures.

However, having the right mindset does not negate the importance of following the manufacturer’s guidelines in regards to temperatures and usage.

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Tips to losing more weight with sauna baths

Some of the main tips you can use to lose more weight include:

Be consistent

Consistency is the first determiner when it comes to burning calories. Studies have shown that consistency is the key to losing as much weight as possible. While there are different suggestions on sauna sessions, it is advisable to take a one-day break when using saunas.

The one-day break gives your body a chance to rest and prepare for the next sessions. However, you should note that shorter but consistent baths are more beneficial compared to long baths but inconsistently.

Use the right saunas

Unlike three decades ago, there are more sauna brands. The brands have normalized quality in this niche. It is now possible to find a sauna with bleeding-edge specs on a budget. However, not all saunas are ideal for weight loss. You should be specific when shopping for a sauna bath.

For example, you should evaluate whether the manufacturer addresses the issue of weight loss in the product description. If not, that may not be the best sauna for you. You should also invest in a sauna that has better features such as a comfortable sitting area, better control options, and, if possible, energy-efficient. (Check the options below).

Combine sauna baths with exercises

Apart from religiously using a sauna as a means to burn calories, you should introduce exercises for better results. Adding exercises does not mean you renew your gym membership. If possible, you should explore different apps and cut costs.

The golden rule, when combining exercises with sauna baths, is consistency. You should ensure that you spend equal times in sauna baths and exercises.

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Sauna options for weight loss

If you are looking for saunas for your weight loss journey, the following are some of the suggestions:

Steam saunas

Steam saunas are one of the oldest saunas. They have a different approach in regards to increasing temperatures and helping in weight loss. However, steam saunas are less efficient compared to other options.

Electric saunas

Electric saunas are similar to wood saunas only that they use electricity to function. When using an electric sauna, it is advisable to pay attention to settings and adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Infrared saunas

As the name suggests, these saunas use light waves to increase temperature. They are, however, unconventional, and they may cost more. However, they are effective, and most of the infrared saunas give you more control options such as temperatures and time.

Which one of the following saunas is the best for sauna for weight loss? All saunas mentioned above are excellent and efficient when it comes to weight loss. They all help the body to sweat and burn calories. The sauna options are also customizable in terms of sessions and temperatures. The golden rule, however, is to create a routine and adhere to it.

However, based on numbers and efficiency, infrared saunas are unmatched. Are ideal because of the following three reasons. First, this type of saunas is comfortable, and you can take more extended sauna baths without any discomfort. Second, the infrared saunas are also customizable, and you can include essential oils into your sessions. Thirdly, they have better control options such as session durations and temperatures.

Unfortunately, they are more expensive compared to others. If you have a budget limitation, looking for other options is better. You can check also Sauna vs Steam Room: Which is better for Weight Loss?


Precautions you should take when using sauna baths for weight loss

If wrongly done, sauna baths may cause harm to your body. Some of the main precautions you should consider when using sauna baths to lose weight include:

Always drink water

Sauna baths are synonymous with sweating. In this case, therefore, your body losses a lot of water, which may cause organ failure. However, drinking water during and after sauna baths is ideal in regards to balancing your water loss and intake.

Rebalance the electrolytes with salt

While pure water is nutritious and suitable for your body, you should add a pinch of salt to your water. Salt helps your body to rebalance electrolytes. According to a medical journal, your body undergoes heat stress, which is balance able using small amounts of salt.

To prevent skin sagging, incorporate physical exercises

Relying on sauna baths alone for weight loss is not ideal on long last. You may lose a lot of weight and therefore affecting the look of your skin. However, if you incorporate physical exercises, it is possible to avoid skin sagging.

Follow manuals provided

In some cases, you may be tempted to overdo some aspects. For example, you may extend your sauna baths to lose more weight. However, you should always work within limits. High temperatures, for example, may not be safe for your body.

On the other hand, you should be careful in regards to time. If you are new in the world of saunas, it is wise to start with, five minutes baths, and, more importantly, pay attention to the manufacturer’s guide in regards to time.

Be attentive to time

When it comes to sauna baths, most people are overambitious. While it is okay to be ambitious regarding weight loss, it does not translate to better results. Therefore, taking a balanced approach to sauna baths is not only ideal for your weight loss journey but also ideal for your body.

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Additional advantages of using saunas apart from losing weight

Apart from assisting people in losing weight, saunas have more advantages to people. Additional advantages of using saunas include:

They assist in reversing aging

If you are concerned about your skin in regards to wrinkles, you should consider investing in a sauna. Research has shown that sauna sessions have the ability to reverse aging. However, you should also combine sauna sessions with other activities such as exercising and dieting.

Ideal for aromatherapy

In the recent past, aromatherapy has become a popular concept, especially when handling minor pain issues. However, for you to achieve this, you must use sauna oils. With the right essential oils, you can treat minor back pains and, in some cases, respiratory complications.

Sauna baths are ideal in handling stress

The modern man is more likely to experience stress compared to people that live seven decades ago. While seeking professional help is paramount, you should also try sauna baths. Feeling good after a sauna bath is not only healthy for you but also an important step towards handling stress.


Final thought

When well used, sauna baths are unmatched concerning weight loss. The numbers of calories one can burn in a sauna bath are subjective to different factors. The above steps and suggestions are vital in your weight loss journey using saunas. For example, combining exercises with sauna baths will give better results as opposed to only relying on sauna baths. Also, following the manual by the sauna manufacturer not only gives you the right results but protects your body from potential harm.