Custom Indoor Saunas

Minnesota's #1 Custom Indoor Sauna Builders

Our custom indoor saunas are constructed using only the highest quality building materials, in true Nordic fashion. They’re not just designed to look at, they’re built to be used daily for a lifetime.

Putting a custom sauna in your home should be as stress free as you’ll be after relaxing in it.

From the initial design of your sauna, to the first steam you take, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the level of service we offer. 

Our saunas come with a 5 year warranty and are built to the highest in sauna construction standards, using only the finest materials available. 

What Makes Us Unique?

1. We Live And Breathe Sauna

Our relationship with saunas is deeply personal. Long before we started building them, we were using saunas on a daily basis. 

We believe that to understand a sauna, you’ve got to use it. 

2. Craftsmanship & Warranty

Our saunas, materials, cabinetry and heaters all come with a 5 year warranty.

Our commitment is not simply to put a sauna in your home. 

It is to deliver an experience unlike any other each and every time you step into your personal sauna escape.

Quote My Indoor Sauna.

The traditional Finnish Sauna is stress free. So is our process. We share our passion with folks who appreciate Minnesota nice and have a desire to share our passion for sauna.

Custom Indoor Sauna Project Gallery

We hope you enjoy this gallery of custom indoor saunas. To this day, we have not yet been faced with a sauna that we were not capable of building. If you have a design in mind, or perhaps you’d like us to guide you along the way, give us a call! 

Our passion is in building custom saunas designed to last a lifetime. We would be thrilled at the opportunity to work with you!

Custom Indoor Saunas Built To Your Exact Specifications

We take pride in the custom indoor saunas we build, stopping short of nothing to ensure that your sauna escape is built with a “wow” factor today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. 

Our saunas are virtually limitless in their customization options, from the wood type used inside and out to the heater size you choose and benches you sit on. 

Whether you have a design in mind, or are simply beginning to research what possibilities your indoor sauna can offer, we would love the opportunity to work with you. 

We offer financing on all projects. 

Our Custom Indoor Sauna Build Process

A custom sauna in your home is an escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Our saunas are built using only the highest quality materials, for form and function. From Clear Western Red Cedar, Nordic Spruce, or Clear Canadien Hemlock, your sauna space will hold up to even the most hard-core of sauna use for decades to come. 

1. Room Size & Layout

All custom saunas begin with the size of your space.

2. Heater & Controls

The heater for your sauna is sized to heat your room.

3. Wood Types

Constructed using only the finest material.  

4. Interior Design

Custom CAD Drawings are built to your exact specifications.

5. Backrest Design

Backrests are a focal point of your sauna room.

6. Doors & Windows

An exhilarating escape is one door away.

7. Lighting

Complete control over the light in your sauna room.

8. Delivery & Installation

Done for you, or done yourself.

Examples of Custom Indoor Saunas

Dive Into Your Custom Sauna Build

When you choose to call Sauna Supply Company, you’re a part of our family. Our family tree extends to Finland, the birthplace of the traditional sauna. We’ve been using saunas both indoors and out our entire lives and are have a passion for the entire sauna experience. 

If you’re considering putting a sauna in your home, whether it’s traditional or infrared, we would be thrilled at the opportunity to work with you. 

Financing is available for any size sauna project.

Custom Indoor Sauna Installation

A sauna is one of the more relaxing, rejuvenating experiences that exists. Installing it in your home should be no different.

Your entire experience in working with our team at Sauna Supply Company is customized. Whether you’d like us to install your sauna for you, or DIY the entire thing yourself, you come first here. Our team will ensure that from the second we walk in your door to long after we leave that you are taken care of every step of the way.

Custom Built Indoor Sauna Options

A permanently installed custom built sauna offers an endless amount of customization options. 

From which type of wood you choose, to the color, lighting, controls and heater your sauna vision is brought to life by doing it one way, custom. 

From the minute you close your sauna door, you’ll step into a

All wood in a custom cut kit is cut and pre-built to your exact dimensions. 

All Custom Cuts kits include everything you need to complete the interior of your sauna space beyond framing and insulation. That includes foil vapor barrier, T&G, pre-built upper and lower benching, backrest, heater guard, headrest(s), vent grills, sliding vent valve, duckboard flooring for walk area, bucket & ladle, corner & ceiling trim, interior door casing, and hardware package. 

You do not need to take everything listed in the kit! Pick and choose the pieces you need. 

Step 1 : Size of the sauna room and layout

There are several factors to consider when deciding on sauna room size and layout. If you have no idea where to begin, please call us! (remember, we do this for a living)

You can start by browsing through several “standard” CAD layouts shown here, and adjust however fits your space.  

Step 2 : Choose your Heater & Control

Once you have the size of your room, we find an appropriately rated heater. Our electric sauna heaters have a 5 year warranty and we stock all of the replacement parts you could ever need. Our American tech support team supports customers across North America every week of the year Monday through Friday. 


Finnleo’s classic “workhorse” wall-mounted traditional electric heater. 

  • SL2 (with mobile app) control or Knob controls (on bottom of heater)
  • 4.5 KW, 6 KW, 8 KW
  •  Room size : 15 – 60 sq ft


Finnleo’s Premier heater.

  • SL2 (with mobile app) control
  • 7 KW or 9 KW
  • Room size : 25 – 71 sq ft


Finnleo’s commercial grade heater. 

  • SL2 (with mobile app) control, can be paired with on/off button for commercial settings
  • Room size : 55 – 135 sq ft.

Selecting A Wood Type

All our wood is mill-direct, using only the highest quality, hand-selected wood. All from verified sustainable forests. All wood choices are chosen for their ability to hold up for years (typically decades) in the harsh sauna environment. 

All wood that touches skin (benches, backrests, duckboard flooring, heater guard, headrest) is chosen for staying cool to the touch of the skin (No knots – they get hot in the sauna heat!)

Clear Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar, Kiln dried to 12% or less. 1″x4″ (nominal) V-Joint. 

Clear Vertical Grain Canadian Hemlock, Kiln dried to 12% or less. 1″x4″ (nominal) V-Joint. 

Certified Birch Plywood developed exclusively for high performance in the harsh sauna environment. Panels are Tongued and Grooved. Each panel is 7″ width.

European Grade A Nordic Spruce, Kiln dried to 12% or less. 1″x4″ (nominal) V-Joint. Responsibly-sourced from northern Finnish forests. 

Step 4 : Choose your Interior

The Four custom interior options are available in any custom cut. 


Standard interior can be done in all wood types. 


Deco interior is built with Hemlock and Heat-Treated Alder wood benching. Best paired with Cedar or Hemlock T&G.


Centurion interior is built in wide board Hemlock wood. Best paired with Taika T&G.


Twilight interior is built with a Abachi & Heat-Treated Alder.  Best paired with Hemlock or Cedar T&G.

Step 5 : Backrest Options

All custom cuts kits come with a 2 bar backrest as standard. 

All backrests have the option to include pre-installed RGBW colored LED strip lighting behind the backrest. 

Standard 2-Bar

Available in all wood types


Available in all wood types

3-Bar Wide

Available in Hemlock

5-Bar Heat-Treated

Available in Abachi & heat-treated Alder

3-Bar Wide Heat-Treated

Available in Hemlock and heat-treated Alder

2-Bar Wide

Available in Hemlock

6-Bar Curved Heat-Treated

Available in all wood types and heat-treated Alder.

6-Bar Curved

Available in all wood types

Step 6 : Choose your Door

All sauna doors come pre-hung to your jamb depth, and can be hinged on either side. 

Wood Door

Douglas Fir Wood Frame, clear insulated glass insert. Ball & Catch latch standard, self closing hinges available. 

  • 24″ x 72″
  • 24″ x 80″
  • 30″ x 80″
  • 36″ x 80″

All Glass Door

All Glass, available in clear, bronze and satin (frosted) tint. 

  • 24″ x 72″ 
  • 24″ x 80″
  • 30″ x 80″
  • 36″ x 80″ 


Step 7 : Add windows (optional)

All windows come pre-hung in customer specified jamb depth. 

If our glass sizes aren’t what you are looking for, we suggest working with your local glass supplier. 

Window options

All window sizes are available in clear or bronze tint. 

  • 12″ x 30″
  • 16″ x 30″ 
  • 12″ x 60″ 
  • 16″ x 60″

Step 8 : Choose your Lighting

RGBW LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting comes pre-installed behind your backrest. Can also be placed under bench. 

  • Pairs with the SL2 control and app
  • Cycle through multiple colors, or white
  • Dimmable

RGBW Puck Lighting

Puck Lights go into the ceiling.

  • Pairs with the SL2 control and app
  • Cycle through multiple colors, or white
  • Dimmable

Frosted Wall Light

Mounts on the wall.

  • Runs independently from control
  • Supply 12 V power to light
  • Available with switch on light, or supply your own.

Installation & Delivery

We offer delivery and complete sauna installation services, or pick up and install yourself.