Custom Indoor Sauna Builders Minnesota

Fully Customized Indoor Saunas

For future sauna owners with a dream, we offer the experience and passion to bring you a fully customized indoor sauna experience unlike any other. 

Custom Built Indoor Sauna Options

A permanently installed custom built sauna offers an endless amount of customization options. From which type of wood you choose, to the color, lighting, controls and heater your sauna vision is brought to life by doing it one way, custom.

Choosing A Heater For Your Indoor Sauna

We are proud to carry the #1 Sauna Heater in the world, Finnleo. 

Finnleo is trusted by the most serious Sauna enthusiasts, who simply desire the best with each and every steam they take.

Choosing a heater for your sauna depends on the size of the sauna room itself. Contact us with the size of your space and we’ll guide you on the heater capable of delivering best experience there is.