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Adding an outdoor sauna to your home, cabin, or property is an investment in 

The traditional Finnish sauna is based on the outdoors. Our outdoor saunas can be both electric, or wood fired (or both). 

Adding a sauna to your backyard or outdoor space is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Saunas are a place to relax and unwind and many of our customers (ourselves included) find themselves in the sauna both morning and night.

Our design team works with existing structures, or from the ground up, delivering you a dream outdoor sauna space unlike any other. Enjoy a wood-fired outdoor sauna, or an outdoor sauna with an electric heater in your backyard, contact us to make it a reality.

What Makes Us Unique?

1. We Live And Breathe Sauna

Everybody at Sauna Supply Company uses sauna on a daily basis. It’s how we grew up, it’s a part of our daily routine and it was long before we started offering custom saunas. 

We have a deeply personal relationship with sauna, not just with building them. 

2. Craftsmanship & Warranty

Our saunas, materials, cabinetry and heaters all come with a 5 year warranty. Our customers are our family and are treated as such. Unless you’re hosting a rodeo in your sauna, we’ll take care of you.

Quote My Outdoor Sauna.

The traditional Finnish Sauna is stress free. So is our process. We share our passion with folks who appreciate Minnesota nice and have a desire to share our passion for sauna.

Custom Outdoor Sauna Project Gallery

Below is a gallery of outdoor saunas we offer. Whether you have a design in mind for your outdoor space or not, we can work with you. We offer custom panel built outdoor saunas, custom permanently installed outdoor saunas, wood fired outdoor saunas, electric powered outdoor saunas.

If you’ve got a dream for your outdoor sauna, we’d love the opportunity to help you build it.

Our Process

It Starts With A Sketch

Odds are, your dream outdoor sauna isn’t cookie cutter. One of the most important parts of our discovery process is developing a deep understanding of what exactly you want your outdoor sauna to look like. 

We will do whatever it takes to understand your project, whether it’s an in person visit to the actual site, or over the phone. 

Material Selection

We build all of our custom saunas using only the highest quality wood sourced specifically for saunas. We’ll help you through the process of choosing from Nordic White Spruce, Clear Western Red Cedar, Canadien Hemlock, or another wood type. 

The Design Phase

Our team of sauna designers have drawn thousands of saunas, in spaces of just about every size. We’ll create CAD drawings of your sauna to the 

Building The Outdoor Sauna

Our entire process can be as hands on, or hands off as you like it to be. After all, it is your sauna, you should be able to choose. 

In the video we’ve linked here, we are demonstrating how to set up one of our customized panel built outdoor saunas. 

Whether your sauna is permanently installed in an existing outdoor space, built on skids, or panel built, our team of in house sauna carpenters will handle the entire installation process for you. 

Outdoor Sauna FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked outdoor sauna questions we’re asked. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please consider giving us a call. 

Do you have outdoor saunas in your showroom?

Not only do we have outdoor saunas on display in our sauna showroom, we also have every wood type that we build our custom outdoor saunas with on display. 

If you’ve never tried a sauna before and would like to try before you buy, give us a call to schedule an appointment! All of our display saunas are built to use. 

Do you offer panel built outdoor saunas?

We offer standard panel built outdoor saunas as well as customized outdoor saunas in a variety of sizes. Our Euro saunas come standard with a Clear Western Red Cedar exterior and Nordic White Spruce interior. 

Our NorthStar outdoor saunas utilize Nordic White Spruce on both the interior and exterior. 

Do you offer both wood fired and electric outdoor saunas?

Yes. In some cases, it’s actually possible to have both a wood fired heater and an electric sauna heater in the same sauna.

Let’s BUild Your Dream Sauna.