Custom Outdoor Sauna Builders Minnesota

Fully Customized Outdoor Saunas

Everyday life is busy. Step away from it with an outdoor sauna escape.

Our design team works with existing structures, or from the ground up, delivering you a dream outdoor sauna space unlike any other. Enjoy a wood-fired outdoor sauna, or an outdoor sauna with an electric heater in your backyard, contact us to make it a reality.

Build A Custom Outdoor Sauna

Many of our clients own multiple saunas both indoors and out. We offer the ability to completely customize your outdoor sauna space from the wood, doors, windows, heater types, lighting, and more. 

Heater Options For Your Outdoor Sauna

While it’s possible to heat your indoor sauna with a wood burning stove, many of our clients utilize a wood burning sauna stove in their outdoor saunas. 

The aroma of a wood fired sauna stove is truly unforgettable. 

Choose from our line of wood fired sauna stoves, or an electric heater for your outdoor sauna.

Step 1 : Size of the sauna room and layout

There are several factors to consider when deciding on sauna room size and layout. If you have no idea where to begin, please call us! (remember, we do this for a living)

You can start by browsing through several “standard” CAD layouts shown here, and adjust however fits your space.