Let's Build Your Dream Sauna.

With financing options available, putting a custom sauna in your home is easier than ever. We build custom indoor, outdoor, and infrared saunas using only the highest quality building materials designed to be used daily, for a lifetime. 

Minnesota Custom Sauna Builders

A Custom Sauna Is An Escape Unlike Any Other

Our custom built saunas are handcrafted with care, for the most serious of sauna users, designed to last nothing less than a lifetime. 

Our custom saunas are built with “Wow!” factor today, tomorrow, and decades from now. We are thrilled that you are considering us to build your custom sauna.

From the materials we utilize to build your custom sauna, to the care taken when professionally installing it in your space, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your custom sauna isn’t just built right. It’s built to last a lifetime.

We offer financing on all projects. 

Quote My Custom Sauna.

Enjoying excellent sauna Löyly is relaxed and totally stress free. So is our process. We share our passion with folks who appreciate Minnesota nice and have a desire to share our passion for sauna. We’re a team of Finlanders ourselves who use our own personal saunas 365 days a year, we believe we know a thing or two about sauna.

Get A Custom Sauna Consultation, or fill out the form here with details of your planned build.

Our Custom Sauna Build Process

A truly custom built sauna is not selecting from a list of pre-set options. Whether you have a design in mind, or seek inspiration, our team of custom sauna builders works hand in hand with you to build your dream sauna, no matter the space you have available.

1. Room Size & Layout

All custom saunas begin with the size of your space.

2. Heater & Controls

The heater for your sauna is sized to heat your room.

3. Wood Types

Constructed using only the finest material.  

4. Interior Design

Custom CAD Drawings are built to your exact specifications.

5. Backrest Design

Backrests are a focal point of your sauna room.

6. Doors & Windows

An exhilarating escape is one door away.

7. Lighting

Complete control over the light in your sauna room.

8. Delivery & Installation

Done for you, or done yourself.

Inspiration For Your Custom Sauna

Dive Into Your Custom Sauna Build

Our custom saunas provide a virtually limitless amount of customization options. Whether you know exactly the design aesthetic you’re after, or are just starting to brainstorm we’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re still in the idea phase of your project, consider taking a look at our gallery or requesting a custom sauna consultation.

Give us a call at any time to start determining the cost of your custom sauna!

Types Of Custom Saunas We Build

We offer custom traditional saunas, custom infrared, installed indoors or out. Our entire custom sauna building process is outlined below, for a further dive into your specific type of custom sauna check out the specific page below.

Custom Indoor Saunas

Our indoor sauna offering allows us to build any size custom indoor sauna, in virtually any space.

Custom Outdoor Saunas

Our custom outdoor sauna offering allows us to build any size custom indoor sauna, in virtually any space.

Custom Infrared Saunas

Our custom infrared sauna offering allows us to build any size custom indoor sauna, in virtually any space.

Custom Sauna Installation

As with every sauna we sell, we offer full installation or the option to buy it as a kit and have it installed by your own professional (or DIY). Because our custom built saunas are cut to the exact size and specs right here in Minnesota, we give our customers the option to install it themselves, saving a bit of money on a permanently installed custom sauna. 

Building A Custom Indoor Sauna

A custom indoor sauna can be built for virtually any size spaced. We build both traditional saunas as well as infrared saunas indoors. Additionally, we can build an infrared and traditional sauna in the same room. Whether you have an open space in the basement, would like to put one in your master bath, or anywhere else in the home it is entirely possible. 

A custom sauna is more affordable than you may think. All of our custom sauna packages come with optional professional installation from our team and everything you need to enjoy your sauna from day 1. 

This includes, the sauna heater, controls, benching and lighting, doors, windows, and more. 

Building A Custom Outdoor Sauna

Are you thinking of building a custom Outdoor Sauna? Let our team of experienced, passionate Sauna professionals guide you through the process of designing and building your dream outdoor Sauna space. 

Whether you have an existing space you’d like your sauna, or want it entirely from scratch, we’ll work together to bring you an outdoor Sauna space that you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying for decades. 

Outdoor Sauna Options

Building A Custom Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna panels are the lowest EMF / EMR infrared sauna panels that exist.

We invite anybody considering a custom infrared sauna for their space to visit our showroom to run a Gaussmeter (bring your own, or use ours) inside one of our infrared sauna rooms to see it first hand. 

Let's Build Your Dream Sauna.

We’ve been using Saunas our entire lives. Our saunas, heaters, and craftsmanship are backed by a 5 year warranty. We would be thrilled to work with you on any project, no matter the size.

We also offer financing on all projects.