Saunas For Sale Minnesota

Customize Your Sauna Experience

In the world of Sauna, it’s safe to say that no two Saunas are alike. While they all deliver the same refreshing results, customization options are virtually endless. 

Sauna Supply Company offers custom cut saunas, pre-built saunas, infrared saunas and so much more. 

Start the process of designing your dream Sauna experience with Sauna Supply Company today! We’re excited you’re here.

Custom Cut Indoor Sauna Rooms

As an authorized Finnleo Sauna Dealer, we carry the entire catalog of every Finnleo Sauna option. Customize by room size, wood type, heater, doors, glass, and more. 

Our team will design a custom cut indoor (or outdoor) Sauna built to your exact specifications.

Our Custom Cut Sauna Ordering Process

  1. Start by requesting a quote
  2. We’ll discuss every option you’re looking for – offering our years experience as needed
  3. Our team designs your custom cut sauna
  4. Your Sauna will be custom cut here in Cokato, Minnesota
  5. We offer the option to have you build the custom cut sauna, or our Sauna Installation Professionals will do it for you. Lift a finger, or don’t, the choice is yours!

Create Your Outdoor Sauna Experience

Are you thinking of an Outdoor Sauna? Let our team of experienced, passionate Sauna professionals guide you through the process of designing and building your dream outdoor Sauna space. 

Whether you have an existing space you’d like your sauna, or want it entirely from scratch, we’ll work together to bring you an outdoor Sauna space that you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying for decades. 

Outdoor Sauna Options

  • Pre Built Outdoor Saunas
  • Full Custom Outdoor Saunas

Panel Built Saunas

With one of our panel built saunas, adding a Sauna anywhere in your home is entirely possible! 

Panel built saunas come ready to fully assemble, whether you choose to do it yourself or by having it installed by Sauna Supply Company. 

Panel built saunas are portable, giving owners the flexibility to change it’s location within their space, or joining them at their next home should they re-locate. Our panel built Saunas are offered in both traditional and infrared (or hybrid) capabilities. 

Saunas For Sale MN

We are proud to be a Finnleo Sauna Dealer. We are truly a one stop shop for anything related to Sauna in Minnesota. From fully custom sauna builds, to plug and play traditional or infrared saunas, if you can dream it we can build it!