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While pre-cut, modular saunas really are plug in and sauna (after a bit of setup), most Saunas are very different. From the Heater size to wood types, our Saunas offer hundreds of different customization options. 

Our goal is finding a Sauna that fits your needs within your budget. Start by filling out the form here with as much information as you can provide about the Sauna setup you’d like. 

Or, give us a call at (763)688-1488.

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We are a family owned company of avid Sauna users. Matt, John, and Tyler grew up learning to love Saunas from a young age and have continued our daily Sauna use throughout our lives. 

Whether you’ve been using a Sauna for years or are first starting to consider your Sauna, we are excited you’re here! 

Contact us using the form above or by calling us directly at (763)688-1488.

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