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DIY Sauna Kits

Build Your Own Sauna Kits

Consider yourself somewhat of a DIY-er? Our custom cut DIY Sauna Kits are built to your exact size, delivered to your door ready to install. 

We offer traditional sauna kits as well as infrared sauna kits. Our infrared sauna panels are the lowest EMF infrared sauna panels in the world.

All sauna components come with a 5 year warranty.

Our build your own sauna kits include everything you’ll need for your sauna. From the tongue and groove wood (cut to exact size of your framed in sauna room), to the benches, sauna heater, rocks, and controls. 

Our DIY Build Your Own Sauna Kits are truly a “sauna in a box”. Not only will one of our pre-cut sauna kits save you time, they’ll also save you money. 

If you’re willing to put in a little sweat equity, a build your own sauna kit is truly one of the most affordable ways to build your own custom sauna whether it’s indoors or out.

We Don't Just Build Saunas, We Use Them Every Day.

There are many people in the sauna world that do not use saunas. We’re different. We are a family owned company of Finlanders that use our own saunas 365 days a year and have for much of our lives. If you have a sauna question, we likely have an answer. Consider requesting a custom sauna consultation, or fill out the form here with specs of your build and we’ll be in touch right away!

DIY Build Your Own Sauna Kits

How It Works

With one of our DIY kits, you will ultimately receive everything you need to build your own sauna on a single pallet. 

Our Sauna In A Box Kit Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Interior Wood 
  • Benches
  • Sauna Door
  • Backrests
  • Built in Lighting
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Sauna Heater and Rocks
  • Controls (controlled via mobile app and wall)
  • Duck board flooring

Our Custom Cut Sauna Ordering Process

  1. Start by requesting a quote with or without rough dimensions
  2. We’ll discuss every option you’re looking for – offering our years experience as needed
  3. Our team designs your custom cut sauna package and presents the CAD drawings for approval – this is done to your exact dimensions
  4. Our factory team has built these build your own custom sauna kits for decades, they’ll cut and package the entire thing to the precise dimensions of your build
  5. Your ready to install DIY Sauna Build Kit is delivered to your door. 

Of all sauna projects, these are some of our favorites to work on. We take tremendous pride in our customer service, from your first inquiry to your first steam and beyond. 

The Best DIY Sauna Kits On The Market

The team of sauna builders here in Cokato, Minnesota has been doing this for decades, building thousands of these pre-cut sauna kits each year. 

All sauna components including the sauna heater, wood cabinetry, controls, speaker system, and LED lighting system are covered under our industry leading 5 year warranty. 

DIY Sauna Kit Examples

Building your own sauna is not as daunting as it may seem. If you can frame a room, you can install one of our custom DIY sauna kits. Below are some examples of saunas that all started with one of these same kits. Kits can be ordered as custom infrared, custom indoor, or custom outdoor

What's Included In Our DIY Sauna Kits

Our custom, pre-cut DIY self build sauna kits include everything you need to effortlessly build your own sauna. From the tongue and groove wood, to the sauna heater, rocks and controls. All benching and doors are built to your exact sizes, delivered as one complete sauna package.  

Tongue and Groove Interior & Exterior Sauna Wood

After your initial sauna measurements are provided, you’ll select a wood type for your pre-cut sauna kit. 

Sauna wood types to choose from:

Our sauna in a box kits contain the interior tongue and groove wood for all walls and the ceiling of your sauna. We’ll work with you to determine the exact exterior look of your sauna whether it be drywall or wood and can create this to your exact specs.

Control Your Sauna From The Palm Of Your Hand

Our pre-cut sauna kits come with a smart sauna control system we call Sauna Logic 2. This allows you to control your sauna from your phone, or the included wall mount control panel. 

Want to start your sauna from the grocery store, so it’s warm when you return home? Our smart sauna controls allow you to do that. You’ll have the entire control system of your sauna in pocket. 

Color Light Therapy & Sound System

Our custom built pre-cut sauna kits are limitless in their customization options and a major component of the best sauna bathing experience is color light therapy. 

Our LED lighting system is customizable for your entire sauna room. Whether you’d like standard backrest lighting, puck lighting in the ceiling, or lights behind the backrest and under benches. 

A custom sauna should be built to your exact specifications and our entire process is exactly that. If you can dream it, there’s a good chance we can build it. 

Let's Create Your Dream Sauna

From the ancient Finnish Savusauna to the traditional Finnish sauna we know today, powered by an electric sauna heater or a wood stove, saunas have been a place of gathering for centuries. 

Whether you plan to enjoy your sauna by yourself, or sharing it with close friends and family members for years to come, we’d love to be a part of your story. 

We use our own saunas daily, the process is truly in our blood. Our Finnish ancestors brought this habit with them and it has been passed down for generations.