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Infrared Saunas have exploded in popularity over the past number of years. 

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The invention of the infrared sauna changed the world of sauna as we know it, forever. Infrared Saunas are some of the most popular types of sauna available to consumers today, and for good reason!

Infrared saunas bring convenience, savings, and similar health benefits when compared to traditional saunas that were not previously accessible with any other form of sauna in times past.

There are many types of infrared saunas, both indoor and outdoor, as well as single to multiple person infrared saunas. If you’re thinking about purchasing an infrared sauna, there are many things to consider before buying.

infrared sauna indoors
A multiple person infrared sauna built by Finnleo Sauna

Infrared Sauna Reviews

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Types of Infrared Saunas

There are multiple different infrared sauna types. For easier studying, we’ve packed both indoor infrared saunas and outdoor infrared saunas into each guide, below.

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  2. 2 Person Infrared Saunas
  3. 3 Person Infrared Saunas
  4. 4 Person Infrared Saunas
  5. 5+ Person Infrared Saunas

Infrared sauna have numerous facts & FAQs, in this article we share the most important facts & frequently asked questions (FAQs) about infrared sauna.

A sauna is a preheated room with temperatures ranging from 70-100 degrees Celsius. Traditionally made saunas use steam but the current ones use heat with less humidity. Saunas raise the temperature of the skin to about 40 degrees Celsius. When the skin temperature is raised the skin sweats profusely. The body reacts to the elevated temperature by sending impulses to the sweat glands hence sweating. Just a short while in the sauna and you lose a pint of sweat.

Infrared Sauna Fact & FAQ

There are various types of saunas

Wood burning- just like its name suggests wood is used to heat the room. Low humidity and high temperatures are felt in these saunas.

Electricity heated- these saunas have low humidity and high temperatures. They use electric heaters connected to the floor to heat the room.

Infrared room-they are about 60 degrees Celsius. They are different because their temperature is quite low. They use unique lamps which send waves to the body.

Steam room- this type is a bit different from other saunas. Instead of a preheated room, it is a room filled with high humidity and moisture.

Sauna has various benefits to the body. The experience helps the muscles to relax, improve the circulation of blood in the body, reduces chances of high blood pressure, and release a hormone called endorphin. The hormone is known to release chemicals in the body, characterized by feeling good. It leaves the skin glowing, because of opened pores and sensation from endorphins. Saunas are limited to 5-20 minutes depending on experience, in order to prevent chances of dehydration in the body. You can check also : Sauna vs Steam Room

Infrared Sauna Fact’s You Should Know Must

Infrared Sauna Fact 1: Improve cardiovascular health

The time spent in saunas help the body relax. Studies show that people who are frequent at saunas have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases. The body response to heat from saunas, is a perfect flow of blood, relaxed muscles, and ready to face any challenge along the day. It gives the user a quiet space where the body can ooze peace from the inside out. The body releases natural endorphins feel-good chemicals. This sauna experience reduces heart attack by 27%. It reduces high blood pressure when used twice a week and enhances arteries making them healthier to handle stress and finally increases heart rates which physically are aerobic.

Infrared Sauna Facts

Fact 2: Infrared sauna helps to Cleanses skin

Bathing in the heat is one of the ancient beauty tips. When the body sweats during the process, dead cells are removed, and the skin is renewed, causing glowing on the skin. Sweating eliminates bacteria in the epidermis and sweat duct. The pores are open in the process, causing the blood to flow in the capillaries on the skin. Capillaries circulation gives the skin a soft and bright look.

Nevertheless, people with atopic dermatitis are discouraged from using the sauna because they make their skin conditions worse. Toxins in the bodies cause some skin illnesses. The toxins make the skin look dull and unhealthy. Saunas remove the toxins from the body, hence improving the skin condition.

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Fact 3: Infrared sauna for Burn calories

The sweating process requires quite a considerable amount of energy. Scientifically, the body reacts to high temperatures raised by the body by cooling it. The body releases sweat to cool the hot sensation on the skin. This process requires energy to succeed. In doing so, the body loses calories in the process close to anaerobic exercise. Studies show that in a moderate sauna, a person loses 500 grams in a single session. The process increases heart rates by passing oxygen to the rest of the body. This activity causes the body to change calories in the body into usable energy.

Fact 4: Sauna for Recreational and social benefits-

Saunas’ environments are calm places where friends, family, and colleagues can have private and intimate conversations. People talk very little about socializing, but it’s one of the major factors that improve growth in people. Saunas are places where you can make essential friends. The rooms in saunas create a conducive environment for private conversation and intimacy.

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Fact 5: Help in fighting illnesses-

High temperature from the saunas causes the body to produce an enormous number of white blood cells. White blood cells are made in the blood to fight diseases and kill viruses. In a traditional sauna, steam unclogs the breathing system. Traditional saunas are known in unblocking sinus congestions which are in people with allergies and colds. Steam saunas have a tip of putting eucalyptus and other herbal leaves in the steam these herbs have a significant health benefit to asthmatic people. These herbs have not only health benefits but also calm nerves and muscles.

Fact 6: Induces deep sleep-

Research shows that deep sleep comes from sauna bathing. Endorphins released in the body are known to cause deep sleep. In addition to endorphins, body temperatures reduce after the experience. The body relaxes and ends up in a deep nap. A massive group of people relates saunas to the heavy sleep they experience after bathing in them. During the day, your body temperatures rise and fall according to a cycle called sleep-wake. The temperatures reach the climax during the evening, causing the brain to send information to the body ‘it’s time to sleep.’ Same psychological experience when you get out of the sauna. Your mind translates it to sleeping time.

Fact 7: Fights chances of Alzheimer’s-

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible gradual brain disorder. It is characterized by loss of memory, damaged thinking process, and an inability to carry out the simplest tasks. The illness causes dementia. The disease is caused by damaged brain cells which eventually die. The sense of relaxation and well being in the saunas regenerate the brain cells. Endorphins cause the body to get in touch with the conscious and subconsciousness. It creates body awareness which fights chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia illnesses.

Fact 8: Flush toxins-

Studies have proved that deep sweating has excellent health benefits. Sauna increases the body temperature from the inside body. During sauna bathing, the blood vessels expand, causing increased flow of blood. In the process, the heat from the blood begins to flow towards the skin. The nervous system, therefore, sends impulses to the sweat glands to produce sweat. Usually when we sweat, the sweat consist of 99% water and 1% toxin but when the body sweats actively from the inside, lean, iron, mercury and all chemicals in the collection are excreted through the sweat to the skin. These toxins are consumed from the food we eat. Saunas are becoming popular in today’s world because of their detoxifying element.

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Fact 9: Help relax and soothe muscles-

Saunas help in recovering after intense physical exercise. It aids by relaxing muscles and joints. Endorphins produced during sauna bathing gives the body an enjoyable sensation. This sensation acts as a pain killer in joints and reduces soreness in muscles. Increased blood flow from dilated blood increases pace for the natural healing process in the body.

Fact 10: Relieves stress-

Saunas, as discussed earlier, make the body to respond with well being and relaxation. The cardiovascular is improved by dilated blood vessels and therefore, blood flow in ease. Oxygen is transported to all organs and muscles. The body relaxes and functions smoothly. Improved circulation causes calmness in the body and promotes relaxation. The feeling is therapeutic and causes the body to suppress stress and anxiety. Endorphins released in the body makes the body feel good, and the nervousness system sends those impulses to the whole body.

Fact 11: They generally feel good-

Physically saunas feel good — the warmth from the heat and sensations from endorphins. Any frequent bather will agree that saunas are the most therapeutic after sleep. After stressful work during with work deadlines, saunas are the best place to find solace, peace, and recreation.

Although saunas have many health benefits, they worsen health in the body to people not fit for sauna bathing. The following are health precaution;

Fact 12: Blood pressure

People with cardiovascular diseases should see a doctor before going to saunas. Switching the temperatures from the heat in saunas to cold swimming pools will raise blood pressure in the body. People with heart attack problem should see a doctor before bathing in saunas.

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Fact 13: Dehydration risks

A lot of water is lost from sweating in saunas. People with kidneys illnesses will be at high risk in saunas. Increased head causes dizziness, and some people vomit.

Fact 14: General precaution

Avoid alcohol when going in saunas. Studies show that drunk people are at a high risk of dehydration, hypotension, and will cause death in saunas.

First-timers should not spend more than ten minutes in saunas. People who have the experience, they have a limited time of 20 minutes. More than the stipulated time causes dehydration.

After spending time in saunas, users should take a lot of water and other fluids to replace the water lost in sweat.

Avoid using a sauna when you’re ailing. People with particular illnesses like heart diseases should see a doctor first. Pregnant women should not use saunas.

Children who are six years old are safe to bathe in saunas. They should be supervised in saunas, and their time is 15 minutes maximum.

Infrared Sauna frequently asked questions (FAQs)

People who don’t ask question remain in their own beliefs- they then become convinced of their assumptions. Saunas have gained popularity over the recent past. People are aware of their benefits, especially when it comes to health. Because of that, many questions have arisen on how the saunas work. People have decided to put saunas in their homes. Therefore, they enquire on installation at homes. Some folks are intrigued by their sensation and want to learn more about the science behind it.

Infrared Sauna FAQs

Infrared Sauna FAQ 1: What is a sauna?

A sauna is a room made of softwood, which is heated with electric energy to a temperature of up to 190 Fahrenheit. People can tolerate this kind of environment because the environment is dry. Traditional saunas contain sauna stones. These sauna stones preheated, and when they get hot, water is sprinkled to produce steam which creates a wet sauna experience.

FAQ 2: What is the difference between a wet and a dry sauna?

A wet sauna is where the sauna stones are sprinkles water, creating steam. This experience is called a wet sauna. Dry sauna, on the other hand, is where the room temperature rises to 190 degrees Fahrenheit but with low humidity. The main difference is one is of steam, and the other is a dry heat.

FAQ 3: Is using infrared saunas safe?

Yes. Experts have proven that heat has various benefits when it comes to body wellness. Saunas have many health benefits. The body loses stored calories when the heart rates increase, into usable energy. This factor causes loss of body weight. Saunas get approved before opening by the experts.

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FAQ 4: How do you use an infrared sauna?

It is merely a rotation of wet and dry air, with breaks in between. When bathing in a sauna, it is encouraged to take short cooling breaks in between. This cool rest can only be getting out of the sauna for some time and getting back. It can also be ice swimming during the break. It is said that the number one rule is to make sure that you are comfortable in a sauna. The moment it stops feeling comfortable, then you should end the session.

FAQ 5: Is there a difference between infrared and traditional saunas?

By definition, a sauna is a room filled with hot steam which penetrates the body. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, use low heat in the room and instead of steam, infrared waves penetrate the body. The rays penetrate the body through the skin to relax the muscles and joints. It is therefore correct to say that infrared is not sauna but a room therapy.

FAQ 6: Why is traditional considered for good health?

Well, in traditional saunas they are attributed to preheated room. This warm environment causes proper circulation, improves skin tone, detoxifies, relaxes muscles and body joints, enhances the respiratory and immune system. Whether it’s wet or dry saunas, the body system is affected positively. For the people with respiratory problems like asthma, wet saunas are best because of the moisture which unblocks the nasal cavity.

FAQ 7: How long should one stay in a sauna?

For the first-timers, their time should not exceed 10 minutes. For the people who are used to saunas 20 minutes is the maximum time before taking a refreshing break. For an average healthy person, they should visit saunas twice a week. You should set your ideal humidity if you’re using a traditional type of sauna. When the heat makes you dizzy or nausea, leave the sauna immediately.

FAQ 8: What should I do after taking a sauna heat bathing?

After the sauna experience, wash your body immediately. Many saunas have showers made for bathing. Bathing is the perfect way to close the opened pores during sauna bathing. It is essential to the bath to remove residue left behind by the moisture. Use shampoo to wash the hair and apply highly moisturized body lotion. Do not forget to take a lot of water and other fluids to replace water lost in sweat.

FAQ 9: What will my bathing in the sauna sweat session be like?

When you are going for sauna bathing for the first time, you should meet the owners before the session. The knowledge acquirement is for you to get the tips on how to use them. They encourage you to be nude in the sauna, and they provide towels, or you can wear a light cloth. You get a private room by yourself. For the first time, you’re discouraged from taking more than 10 minutes.

FAQ 10: Should I be cautious of any health problems I might have?

For people with heart problems history, it is essential to consult your doctor before taking sauna baths. Although the sauna has many health benefits, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. People who have had skin diseases should consult doctors as well. The heat from the steam could harm the skin and make the problem worse in case of conditions like actinic keratosis. People with asthma, their time in saunas should be limited to avoid an asthmatic attack.

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FAQ 11: Are there any evident benefits of using a sauna?

For the people who are frequent in saunas, their skin looks bright and glows. This notable change is because, when the skin is heated, it opens the skin pores. The heat in the sauna increases the heart rate by 30%. The increased rate causes the blood to pump faster, causing the skin to obtain nutrients and oxygen. Opened pores help the skin to pump out toxin from the skin. Some other notable benefits are calmness and relaxed countenance from endorphin released in the body.

FAQ 12: How long does it take to preheat a sauna?

For traditional saunas, their heating time is 35-45 minutes. After that time the sauna rocks are heated to the complete temperature. It is, therefore, best time to sprinkle water for soft moisture for the room. Saunatonttu heater, however, reduces the heating time by half. For infrared rooms, 10 minutes is enough time to activate the waves to full power.

FAQ 13: What is found in a sauna kit?

Most kits consist of all the items needed for a complete sauna. The pieces are light, sauna stones, and light. You fill an already complete sauna room with the details.

FAQ 14: How much will it cost me to construct my sauna?

The sauna unit operates for not more than 220 volts on the heater and a maximum of 40 amps. All the panels, doors, ceiling, and benches made are assembled at the factory. The door lockers and holes are drilled at the company. A sauna is formed by three people at most at a span of 3 hours.

FAQ 15: What are types of services offered for electrical services?

If you want to make your sauna, make sure you get a competent and qualified electrician to put the heater to its source. An electrically heated sauna will require an electric source of 220 volts. The light will need 110 volts and 15amp for the services.

FAQ 16: What are some of the maintenance required?

Very little is required to maintain a sauna. For cleaning, you will need soluble soda ash and water. Scrub the floor with a brush. If you outsource a barrel sauna, then you will be required to keep on tightening bands in the first few months. The wood will either expand or shrink, depending on the amount of moisture is exposed.

FAQ 17: Are children allowed to use saunas and how often?

Children’s body temperature rises due to fast metabolism. Children do not have the adult’s body regulatory reaction when the temperature rises like sweating. Therefore, children should use saunas for less than 15 minutes with minimal heat. They should be accompanied by adults always. Children should use saunas once in a year.

FAQ 18: What are the criteria for selecting sauna wood?

Well, the wood selection is all about the budget and the buyer’s likes and preferences. The only option is for the people who are looking for hypoallergenic kind of wood. For the people who enjoy the aroma, cedar is a good option for the cedar aroma.

FAQ 19: Is there a specific time stipulated for using a sauna?

There is not stipulated perfect time for sauna bathing. It entirely depends on your schedule and the time you prefer to enjoy the sauna.

FAQ 20: Are there dangers of using saunas when breastfeeding?

There is no danger for breastfeeding mothers to use the saunas. Nevertheless, they should consult a doctor for people with exceptional circumstances.

FAQ 21: How often can I use a sauna?

Although the sauna has many pros than cons, first-timers should not use more than once in a week. For frequent users, a maximum of three days is encouraged.

FAQ 22: Does infrared technology interfere with any form of implants?

There are no surgical implants that are affected when undergoing infrared therapy. The metallic implant reflects the waves from the infrared. Nevertheless, the user should consult a physician first.

The heat has been used over the years to enhance beauty. Today, the technique has been sophisticated and advanced to meet the changing world. Saunas are some of the advanced technology to improve beauty and health.