Setting Up And Troubleshooting Sauna Logic 2 Controls

The SaunaLogic2 and InfraLogic2 smart sauna control systems come standard on all Finnleo saunas. This system allows users to be able to control their sauna from anywhere in the world, so long as they have a smart device and the SaunaLogic2 app downloaded.

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Operating Manuals for SaunaLogic2 and InfraLogic2

The operating manual for SaunaLogic2 can be downloaded, here. For InfraLogic2, download the operating manual hereIf you have read this guide and the operating manual in it’s entirety and continue to face issues, please call Finnleo’s tech support team at 1-800-FINNLEO and select option 2. 

Steps to Setting Up SaunaLogic2 Smart Sauna Controls

Below is the step by step guide to setting up your SaunaLogic2 mobile app and pairing it with your Sauna. This is the same setup process that is also used for IS-SL2, SL2-C, and IL2.

Please note, you will need to be connected to a 2.4 ghz wifi network when completing this step. 

  1. Download the SaunaLogic2 app from either the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Register a new account and login to the app.
  3. Add your device. From the app homescreen, this will be a gray button that says “Add Device”. You can also tap the plus icon in the top right corner.
  4. Select the “Sauna” icon that appears. If you are not seeing the Sauna icon, ensure that you are on the “Add Manually” screen within the app.
  5. You will need to select your wifi network. Ensure that it is your 2.4 ghz network. At this point, you will enter your wifi login password.
  6. Once your password is correctly entered, press “Next”. Pro tip: copy your wifi password at this point in case you need to enter it again.
  7. You will now put your device into pairing mode. It is critical that the next two steps are followed exactly, or the device may not enter pairing mode and your setup may fail.
  8. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the SaunaLogic2 control panel until you hear one beep. Release after the beep.
  9. For a second time, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the SaunaLogic2 control panel until you hear one beep. Release after the beep.
  10. Your device is in pairing mode and “Con1” should read on the control panel screen. If “Con L” is displayed, you must reset the unit, which we will outline below. This is the most common error in setting up the SL2 control system.
  11. If “Con1” displays on the control panel select “Confirm Con is Control” on your mobile app.
  12. Click next.
  13. Connect your phone to the device hotspot by clicking “Connect”.
  14. You will be taken to your phone’s wifi settings.
  15. Here, you should see a device hotspot that starts with “Smart-xxx-xxxx”. This is your SL2 hotspot.
  16. Connect to the hotspot by clicking on this.
  17. When connected, you may return to the SaunaLogic app.
  18. When you have returned to the app, your device will pair automatically.

If the device fails on the last step, you will have to repeat the steps in order. In the SL2 pairing manual, these steps are listed as steps 6-9.

Troubleshooting SaunaLogic2 Setup

Having set up many SaunaLogic2 controls, we’ve taken some of the most common errors that come with setting up this smart sauna control system and explained them in depth below.

What If Con L is displaying on the SaunaLogic2 control panel?

This is the most common error when setting up the SL2 mobile app and pairing it with your device. If Con L is displayed, you will be unable to pair your app with your control system.

To resolve this, you must reset the device by unplugging the sauna from wall power. If you are unable to unplug the device, it can be done at the electrical breaker panel.

Let the device sit powered off for a period of 10 seconds if you are able to unplug the sauna. If you must use the breaker panel, wait a period of 10 minutes.

Once you’ve completed this, re-start the pairing process. The reason Con L is displaying is because of an issue with the wifi configuration on the device and this method of troubleshooting typically fixes the issue on the first attempt after completion.

What if I do not see a 2.4 ghz wifi network?

In order to set up your SL2 control system, you do need a 2.4 ghz wifi network. On newer wifi routers, this may not be readily available.

The most common solution is to call your wifi provider and ask them to force your network into 2.4 ghz for a set period of time. In our area, Spectrum is quite common. On new Spectrum internet routers, 5 ghz is the default network. This is fixed by calling customer support and requesting that a 2.4 ghz network is forced for a period of time to allow you to set up the app for the first time.

Does my wifi network always need to be 2.4 ghz in order for SaunaLogic2 to work?

Once you have initially verified your device and set up your control system in the app, you will not need to stay on a 2.4 ghz network. It is only necessary for the initial setup of your system.

The SL2 control system is one of the best wifi sauna control systems that exists and it has been used by tens of thousands of sauna owners around the world. If you continue to have issues setting your device up, calling Finnleo tech support is suggested for a quick walk through of the issue you are facing.

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