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Nordic Spruce Sauna Wood

Nordic Spruce is one of the best wood types for building a sauna. It’s unique characteristics turn even the smallest of saunas into an expansive escape from the world.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of the world’s saunas are built using Nordic Spruce. In the committment to staying true to their Nordic roots, all Finnleo Nordic Spruce is sourced from Finland itself. 

More specifically, the Nordic Spruce used in our saunas is sourced only from North of 60° latitude. The unique growing conditions near the Arctic Circle here in Finland produce a wood that is of the highest quality, making it one of the best choices for use in a sauna. 

The Benefits Of Nordic White Spruce

1. Makes Smaller Spaces Larger

It’s no secret that white makes any room larger and the same holds true for saunas. The soft, whiteish yellow appearance of Nordic White Spruce has the capability to make any sauna room feel larger.

2. It Resists Sweat

Traditionally, our saunas built of Nordic White Spruce also feature Abachi benching. This combination of soft whitewoods is desired for it’s ability to resist sweat penetrating the wood, which can leave stains over extended periods of time.

Custom Saunas Built With Nordic White Spruce

Below is a gallery of saunas that were constructed primarily with Nordic White Spruce. We are capable of building saunas of nearly any size in Nordic White Spruce. When it comes to the design of your sauna, the only limit to what is capable is your imagination. If you are considering building a sauna, get in touch with our team. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

Build My Sauna Using Nordic White Spruce.

Why Is Nordic Spruce Sauna Wood Sourced in Finland?

The Nordic White Spruce used in our saunas, whether it’s a panel built kit or a custom sauna, is grown north of 60° in Finland. Due to the unique growing environment here, near the Arctic Circle, this Nordic White Spruce lacks porous characteristics found in other alternative whitewoods. 

Nordic White Spruce is an excellent choice inside saunas of any size. One of the major benefits to using Nordic White Spruce in your sauna is that due to it’s unique characteristics, sweat doesn’t impregnate this wood. 

When heated, a subtle scandiavian scent is emitted. The smell from Nordic White Spruce is much less noticeable than it’s comparable alternatives such as Cedar or Hemlock. 

Let’s BUild Your Dream Sauna.

Grade A Quality Nordic Spruce

The Nordic Spruce used in our saunas is only European Grade A wood. This wood comes from the tops of trees that are roughly 80 years old and the knots are only small, tight, and living. 

The final product is gorgeous Nordic White Spruce tongue and groove sauna material with small knot patterns. 

Due to the fact that knots retain more heat, our sauna backrests and benches are built of Abachi and Aspen. This is to ensure that the sauna users skin does not come in contact with any knot.

Geniune Finnish saunas are primarily constructed of Nordic Spruce. The finished sauna room built of Nordic White Spruce, when paired with Aspen / Abachi backrests and benching provides a soft, welcoming experience for the sauna bather. 

Nordic Spruce is a top choice for sauna construction. We offer custom cut sauna packages in Nordic White Spruce for sauna rooms of nearly any size.

One of the many advantages of Nordic White Spruce in a sauna is that it creates a welcoming, open sauna experience that can make even the smallest of saunas feel open and roomy. 

It resists staining and one of the longest lasting sauna building materials that exists. 

If you are considering building a sauna in your home or on your property, we’d love the opportunity to demonstrate our level of service in working with you.