Western Red Cedar

Building Saunas With Clear Cedar

We build custom saunas using 100% clear Western Red Cedar. 

While there are many saunas worldwide constructed of cedar, some of them may be knotty in appearance. The clear Western Red Cedar we use in our highest end sauna rooms is carefully selected to be completely knot free in both the tongue and groove materials used inside the room to the benches and backrests themselves. 

There are many advantages to building your sauna using Cedar. Cedar is naturally very resistant to rot, which, in a sauna room is critically important. 

Cedar is also tremendously popular for it’s aroma. Cedar has a natural, more distinct smell than many of the other types of wood used in saunas. For the majority of people that choose to construct their sauna using Cedar, this is a desirable trait. 

The Benefits Of Using Clear Cedar In Saunas

1. Cedar Is Naturally Rot Resistant

One of main characteristics of Cedar in a sauna that makes it a top choice is due to it’s natural rot resistance when exposed to excessive moisture over longer periods of time. 

Saunas are by nature, high in moisture. Particularly the traditional, Finnish sauna. Cedar requires almost zero maintenance when used in sauna construction. 

2. Cedar Has Natural Character

Far and away the main reason that saunas are constructed of Cedar, particularly our clear knot free cedar, is due to it’s natural aesthetic. 

When the cedar used inside a sauna room is clear and knot free, it provides an ambiance unlike any other found inside a traditional sauna. 

Like fingerprints, every piece of clear cedar tongue and groove is unique in it’s own character. The end result is a distinct appearance that can only be found in your sauna.

Custom Saunas Built With Clear Western Red Cedar

Below is a gallery of saunas that were built using our Clear Western Red Cedar. We are capable of building sauna rooms of nearly any size with our 100% knot free Cedar Sauna building material. If you are considering building a custom sauna, we’d love the opportunity to work with you!

Build My Sauna Using Clear Western Red Cedar.

What Does Clear Cedar Look Like In A Sauna?

Saunas built with completely clear Western Red Cedar offer a design aesthetic unlike any other in the sauna world. 

Cedar offers arguably the most character of any wood type used inside the sauna, with each piece of tongue and groove wood varying slightly from the others. 

The final product is a unique sauna interior that is unlike any other, each and every time. Cedar in the sauna presents a warm, welcoming feel that is the essence of the traditional Finnish sauna. 

Our Clear Cedar is sourced from Western Canada, carefully hand selected for the highest levels of quality we can possibly offer.

Let’s BUild Your Dream Sauna.

The Highest Quality Cedar Sauna Building Material

Our cedar material used in our saunas is rigorously selected to the highest standards available. 

While we do offer a knotty cedar tongue and groove material, the clear cedar we prefer to use is of the highest quality in both it’s appearance and performance. 

Cedar provides a number of advantages when used both inside and outside the sauna. On the exterior of the sauna, cedar presents an unmistakable appearance.

It does not end simply with looks, for cedar holds up exceptionally well to the harsh weather we find here in Minnesota year in and year out. 

With a custom sauna built of Western Red Cedar, the only limit to what is possible is your imagination. 

We can utilize your existing sauna plans, or walk you through the process of building them. 

Our team of sauna designers will help to create the sauna of your dreams in your existing space, built using only the worlds best Western Red Cedar. 

Choosing cedar for your sauna build is a decision that you will not regret. It is one of a kind in it’s appearance, with the unmistakable design that can only be found with Cedar. 

Each board offers unique characteristics that create a traditional Finnish sauna look and feel that is designed and built to last a lifetime. 

Using your sauna built of clear Western Red Cedar is not simply “taking a sauna”, but rather an experience unlike any other that exists in the expansive world of sauna.