NorthStar Panel Built Saunas for Sale

Meet The NorthStar Sauna Series

The NorthStar Sauna Series is an affordable, traditional sauna that offers a unique rustic aesthetic with it’s Nordic Spruce construction. 

NorthStar Saunas are 7′ tall.

The NorthStar Series is an exceptionally well built, heavily insulated panel built sauna with models for both indoor and outdoor use. Buy as either a DIY Sauna Kit, or have us professionally install it in your space! 

NorthStar Saunas are one of the most popular pre-fabricated saunas we carry, designed to last a lifetime. From the tempered glass, bronze tinted door to it’s Aspen / Abachi bench construction the NorthStar Sauna is one of the top choices for folks interested in a traditional sauna for their home. 


Indoor NorthStar Sauna Models We Carry

The NorthStar Indoor Series comes in 4 different floor plans ranging from the smallest at just 16 square feet, to the largest at 35 square feet. All NorthStar Indoor Panel Built models feature standard LED backrest lighting, bronze tinted doors and an optional false floor or bluetooth sound bar add on. 

Outdoor NorthStar Sauna Models We Carry

The NorthStar Outdoor Series is built in three different sizes with floorplans ranging from 24 square feet to 35 square feet. All NorthStar Outdoor Panel Built sauna models feature a sloped roof and integral waterproof floor. 

What Sets The NorthStar Series Apart

One Of The Best Looking Traditional Panel Built Saunas

Constructed of Nordic Spruce, responsibly sourced from the forests of Northern Finland, the NorthStar Series is as traditional as it gets in the sauna world. These saunas offer a high end designer look, feel and performance at an excellent value.

This line of traditional saunas delivers a visual aesthetic that is sure to be a conversation piece in your space for years to come. If the NorthStar line could offer just one thing, it would be performance. These are workhorse, pre-built saunas that are designed to last a lifetime. They’re heavy duty, heavy performance.

NorthStar Indoor Sauna Sizes:

  • 4’x4′
  • 4’x6′
  • 5’x6′
  • 5’x7′

NorthStar Outdoor Sauna Sizes:

  • 4’x6′
  • 5’x6′
  • 5’x7′

Handcrafted With Nordic White Spruce from Finland

The NorthStar Sauna Series of both indoor and outdoor panel built saunas is the most popular panel built sauna we offer. 

This line is built using Nordic White Spruce, carefully selected from Finland that provides a top of the line, designer aesthetic to any space.

The Nordic White Spruce interior and exterior tongue and groove is paired with Aspen or Abachi for benches and backrests. The two materials are nearly identical, with both matching the soft white glow of Nordic White Spruce perfectly. 

Smart Sauna Controls

Want your Sauna warm when you get home? Complete control from the palm of your hand.

Your NorthStar Sauna comes standard with the SaunaLogic2 Control System giving you complete control over your Sauna from the wall, or via the SaunaLogic2 app on your phone.

Colored Backrest LED Lighting & Optional Bluetooth Soundbar

The NorthStar Sauna Series comes with built in sauna backrest lighting, set to your color of choice. A popular add on is a Bluetooth Soundbar.

NorthStar Sauna Gallery

Every Sauna we sell comes backed by a 5 year warranty. Priced to fit your lifestyle, built to be placed anywhere in-doors. No floor drain required.

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Highest Quality Panel Built Saunas

NorthStar Indoor 4x4

The smallest model in the series, the NorthStar 44 (4’x4′) is designed for 1-2 people. The Hallmark 44 plugs into standard 120 volt power, making it one of the best options for people in small spaces.

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Indoor 44.

NorthStar Indoor 4x6

Occupying just 24 square feet of floor space, the NorthStar Indoor 4’x6′ sauna is built to share, comfortably seating 2 to 3 people. 

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Indoor 4×6.

NorthStar Indoor 5x6

Built for 3-4 people, the NorthStar Indoor 5×6 is popular for it’s slightly smaller size than the 5×7.

Power: 240 volt 

View the Hallmark 57.

NorthStar Indoor 5x7

The largest NorthStar Sauna offered is the 5×7 model in both indoor / outdoor options. This sauna features an L shaped bench, perfect for laying down or sharing with more than 4 people.

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Indoor 5×7.

NorthStar Outdoor 4x6

The NorthStar Outdoor 4×6 is the smallest outdoor model in the NorthStar Series that we offer.

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Outdoor 4×6.

NorthStar Outdoor 5x6

The NorthStar Outdoor 5×6 sauna is the perfect outdoor sauna for sharing with multiple people, with a footprint of just 30 square feet.

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Outdoor 5×6.

NorthStar Outdoor 5x7

The NorthStar Outdoor 5×7 is the most popular outdoor model of the NorthStar series, for it’s L shaped top bench allowing sauna bathers to lie down while enjoying their sauna.

Power: 240 volt 

View the NorthStar Outdoor 5×7.

NorthStar Panel Built Modular Saunas

The NorthStar Panel Built Sauna series is one of the sturdiest, best looking panel built saunas we offer. With it’s bronze tinted door and multiple size options, these panel built saunas are one of the most popular we offer. 

The NorthStar series is a traditional panel built sauna that is built to last, standing the test of time for even the most dedicated of sauna users. 

Like The Look, Not The Size?

When it comes to sauna design, if you can dream it we can build it. If the sizes offered in our NorthStar Panel Built Sauna series are not what you’re after, consider going partially or fully custom. We can build a custom kit, or a custom panel built room, both conveniently delivered to your door.