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Sauna Flooring

Of every part of the sauna room, sauna flooring gets the least amount of attention. It’s only when you first walk into your new sauna that you realize you should have given more attention to the floor of your sauna room.

The floor of a sauna can be permanently installed, or removable. In the photo shown here, we are showing off permanently installed flooring on one of our pre-cut sauna kits that was DIY installed.

Removable sauna flooring is often referred to as duckboard sauna flooring.

We offer pre-built wood sauna flooring custom built to any size, shipped directly to your door. 

Wood Sauna Flooring

The most commonly used flooring in a sauna is the exact material the sauna is built of. If you’re building your own sauna, the same tongue and groove interior sauna wood can be ripped to size, of course with the tongue and groove portion cut off. 

Duckboard Sauna Flooring

Duckboard sauna flooring is used to cover the floor area of a sauna, making it easily removable once the sauna has been turned off. Of any part of a sauna, letting your duckboard sauna flooring dry properly is one of the most important maintenance items in a sauna.

Removable Mat Flooring for Sauna

Another common flooring type in a sauna is removable mats. We stock sauna mats here in our showroom, so if you’re local feel free to stop by and pick some up! 

Elevated Sauna Flooring

One of the most impressive design elements in newer saunas is an elevated floor system. An elevated floor system in a sauna is technically a third bench, allowing for a single top bench in the sauna room. These raised floors are typically permanently installed with a small removable duckboard flooring mat right at the sauna door. 

Raised sauna flooring is one of the most popular flooring types in our custom pre cut DIY sauna kits and it offers multiple advantages. 

Advantages of Elevated Sauna Flooring

  • Eliminates need for large duckboard sauna flooring
  • Creates wider walking space in the sauna
  • Improved over longevity over duckboard sauna flooring as it offers 360 degree drying just like a sauna bench
  • Offers increased sauna bench height in tall saunas
  • Raised flooring offers an improved design aesthetic, providing an immediate high end look to any sauna room

Disadvantages of Elevated Sauna Flooring

The main disadvantage of raised sauna flooring is that it adds to the cost of a sauna. If you’re trying to affordably build a sauna, an expansive elevated floor will cost as much or more than the benches themselves. 

  • Increased costs as compared to basic concrete floor or removable duckboard sauna flooring
  • The installation of raised flooring is more challenging than simply building sauna benches
  • Elevated sauna floors are typically permanently installed, making future repairs challenging
  • Cleaning elevated floors can be time consuming due to their large size