Custom Infrared Sauna Builders Minnesota

Custom Infrared Saunas

We custom build Infrared Saunas to fit virtually any space. Our Custom Infrared Sauna package is a permanently installed Infrared Sauna room designed to last a lifetime.

There are virtually limitless customization options to choose from when designing your custom Infrared Sauna, from the size and shape, to wood types, and benches. 

We would love the opportunity to build your Custom Infrared Sauna. 

Quote My Infrared Sauna.

Whether you’re in the early planning phases, or well along the design process, we’d love the opportunity to build your custom infrared sauna. Give us a call or fill out the form for a quote on your custom infrared sauna build!

Low EMR / EF Infrared Panels

Built Using The World's Lowest EMR / EF Infrared Panels

Our custom built Infrared Saunas are built using Infrared Panels that exceed Sweden’s radiation standards (the toughest in the world). This has been verified by Intertek.

In fact, the EMR / EF readings inside one of our Infrared Saunas are lower than they are outside the room itself. 

Minnesota's Highest Quality Custom Infrared Saunas

The Custom Infrared Sauna Building Process

The process we use to build custom infrared saunas starts by getting in touch with one of our team. So much of the entire build is determined by the size of your space and there are an endless amount of options to choose from.

If you’re still in the research phase, consider reaching out to us. We’ve done this many times and will likely ask questions you may not have even considered yet. 

Space For Your Custom SAuna

How many people should my Infrared Sauna hold? What should my bench layout be? What size space will it reside in? 

These are all critical questions that must be answered prior to estimating the cost of your custom infrared sauna. 

Wood Type

Beyond the size of the sauna room you’ll be building, perhaps the largest influence on cost is the wood type the room will be built of. 

We build our custom infrared saunas out of the highest quality materials we can source, Canadian Hemlock, Clear Western Red Cedar, and Nordic Spruce. 

Door Design

There are a number of things to consider when designing a custom infrared sauna. One of the most major factors is the door, or all glass front. 

We have a number of options available, from all glass fronts to glass doors, and more.


Benches in any infrared sauna are important, but particularily on ours. 

We do not build infrared saunas that only feature infrared panels on the walls. A major component of our infrared saunas is in heating as much of the body as possible and one of the most effective ways we accomplish this is through incorporating infrared panels into the benches of your infrared sauna room.