Sauna Blog

We’re Sauna Supply Co. Our entire lives we’ve been around Sauna, whether it’s taking a wood fired Sauna and jumping in the lake to cool off, or relaxing in our indoor electric saunas. 

This Sauna Blog is a place for us to answer our most frequently asked Sauna FAQs, to help DIY sauna builders create their dream sauna, and so much more. 

Benefits Of Sauna After A Workout

Elite athletes have used sauna as a post workout recovery tool for decades. There is no denying the relaxed, refreshed feeling you feel upon exiting

How Tall Should My Sauna Be?

Outside of the shape and size of your Sauna build, a critical factor in sauna design is the height of the ceiling. While Sauna height

How To Build Sauna Benches

While every component of a Sauna contributes to it’s overall functionality, nothing adds to the experience as much as a Sauna bench does. Sauna benches

Sauna Bench Design

Now that you’re aware of all the things you need to know to build DIY Sauna Benches, let’s talk about Sauna Bench Design. Sauna bench

Cedar Saunas

Building a Sauna using Cedar wood has long been one of the most popular materials with which to build your Sauna. Not only do Cedar

Will Saunas Help Me Lose Weight?

Saunas are commonly associated with increased weight loss through their regular use. While Sauna use does trigger responses in the body that can help you

Sauna Door Ideas

Upgrading the look of your Sauna is most easily accomplished by upgrading the door. Something as simple as going from a wooden sauna door with