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Put A Traditional Sauna In Your Home

The traditional sauna is known for high heat (up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, the max temperature allowed in US) and the blast of steam felt from pouring water on the hot rocks. 

The traditional Sauna is a unit with virtually endless customization options. We carry traditional Saunas in both panel built kits, as well as custom indoor or custom outdoor. 

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Traditional Saunas We Offer

The Finnleo Brand is the largest and most well known Sauna brand there is. Our traditional Sauna offering encompasses every type of traditional Sauna there is. We offer Custom Built Indoor Saunas, Portable Traditional Indoor Saunas, Custom Outdoor Saunas, and Panel Built Outdoor Saunas (known as the “Euro” Sauna Series). 

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The traditional sauna can be installed in any framed and insulated space, in as small as a 4’x’4′ room. You can also purchase a free-standing panel build model. 

All of our electric heaters are UL safety listed, and provide plenty of heat. Our blackline series of heaters comes with BioWater Technique technology. 

Custom Built Indoor Traditional Saunas

Thinking of putting a permanently installed traditional Sauna in your home? From start to finish, our Sauna experts will design the Sauna room to your exact specifications. Learn more about our Custom Indoor Saunas.

Panel Built Indoor Traditional Saunas

Sauna Supply Company carries a complete lineup of panel built traditional indoor Saunas. Learn more about our Portable Saunas.

Custom Built Outdoor Traditional Saunas

A permanently installed custom built sauna offers an endless amount of customization options. From which type of wood you choose, to the color, lighting, controls and heater your sauna vision is brought to life by doing it one way, custom. Learn more about our Custom Built Outdoor Saunas.

Panel Built Outdoor Traditional Saunas

We are proud to carry the #1 Sauna Heater in the world, Finnleo. 

Finnleo is trusted by the most serious Sauna enthusiasts, who simply desire the best with each and every steam they take.

Choosing a heater for your sauna depends on the size of the sauna room itself. Contact us with the size of your space and we’ll guide you on the heater capable of delivering best experience there is. Learn more about our Patio Saunas.