Meet Sauna Supply Company

Cokato, Minnesota is the official, un-official Sauna Capital of North America. Sauna Supply Co is an authorized dealer of Finnleo Saunas, working in partnership with Sauna360 (also located in Cokato). Decades ago, Keith Raisanen started Finnleo / Saunatec (now known as Sauna360) right here in Cokato.

We’re proud to share our passion for Sauna with each and every one of our clients, whether they’re new to Sauna or have been using them their entire lives. If you are interested in trying a sauna prior to buying, visit our showroom or give us a call to set up an appointment!

Matt Ylitalo

Matt has been an avid sauna user his entire life, growing up in the Sauna. Prior to forming Sauna Supply Company, Matt worked hand in hand with customers on every facet of their sauna design, purchase, and technical support at Sauna360 (formerly Saunatec). When the opportunity presented itself to be the customer facing dealer for Finnleo Saunas in Cokato, he seized it immediately.

John Raisanen

John has been a sauna enthusiast his whole life after growing up in Cokato with a sauna at home and one at his childhood family cabin on Lake Superior. He says there is never a bad time for a sauna, but his favorite would be the sauna-swim combination in a lake (the colder the better!), or taking a sauna after a cold day outside. John grew up in the sauna industry with his Dad starting and running Finnleo and Saunatec (now Sauna360) in Cokato for many years.

John’s father, Keith Raisanen, started Saunatec here in Cokato decades previous. 

Tyler Halonen

Like John and Matt, I’ve been a Sauna user my entire life. If you’re new to Sauna, I hope you join us in realizing the experience Sauna brings to each and every person who tries it. We are thrilled that you’re considering working with us on your Sauna whether it be a full build or simply for parts.