Traditional Outdoor Saunas

Put A Sauna Anywhere Outside Your Home

If you can dream it, we can do it.

Whether you have a building to install a sauna in or would like a free-standing complete room, our team can design or help you choose from our pre-designed models. 

Wood Stove or electric? Both? Do either in an outdoor sauna. 

Permanently Installed Custom Built Outdoor Sauna Rooms

If you’ve got a shed, building, or are framing a new building yourself, our team is capable of designing a completely customized sauna for it.  

Our custom built traditional outdoor saunas are carefully constructed to fit seamlessly into your space. 

The "Euro" - Free Standing Custom Built Outdoor Sauna Rooms

The Euro outdoor sauna line is completely customizable, the only feature that remains constant is the single sloped roof. Even build it with a changing room! All you need is a surface to place it on.

The "Northstar" - Free Standing Series of Outdoor Sauna Rooms

The Northstar line has the classic Scandinavian look with the Nordic Spruce, and has everything you need for an easy and amazing outdoor sauna experience!

No customization allows for the shop to build these units more efficiently, and provide a better price point.