Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock Sauna Building Materials

Adding an outdoor sauna to your home, cabin, or property is an investment in 

The traditional Finnish sauna is based on the outdoors. Our outdoor saunas can be both electric, or wood fired (or both). 

Adding a sauna to your backyard or outdoor space is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Saunas are a place to relax and unwind and many of our customers (ourselves included) find themselves in the sauna both morning and night.

Our design team works with existing structures, or from the ground up, delivering you a dream outdoor sauna space unlike any other. Enjoy a wood-fired outdoor sauna, or an outdoor sauna with an electric heater in your backyard, contact us to make it a reality.

The Benefits Of Clear Canadian Hemlock In Saunas

1. A High End Clear Aesthetic

Our Hemlock sauna building material is sourced in Canada, with care taken to ensure that only the finest quality is selected for use in our saunas.

2. Withstands Extreme Heat and Humidity

Just like it’s Western Red Cedar and Nordic Spruce counterparts, Hemlock is naturally resistant to rot. The Clear Canadian Hemlock we use to build our custom saunas is specifically sourced for sauna building. 

Quote My Custom Sauna.

We build custom indoor and custom outdoor saunas using 100% clear Canadian Hemlock. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. 

Clear Canadian Hemlock Sauna Gallery

Below is a gallery of saunas built with our clear Canadian Hemlock material. 

Canadian Hemlock For Sauna Building

Clean Lines And Bright Aesthetic

One of the major advantages in choosing to build your sauna using Clear Canadian Hemlock is in it’s natural, soft appearance. 

Can Be Used Throughout The Entire Sauna

Clear Canadian Hemlock can be used as the tongue and groove interior (and exterior) of your sauna, as well as for all benches and backrests. 

Unique Accents

Due to it’s consistent appearance and soft white look, our Clear Canadian Hemlock will pop with vibrance when paired with a darker wood type used on benches and backrests. 

Most commonly, our Clear Canadian Hemlock interiors are paired with heat treated Alder to create a two toned interior design. 

Let’s BUild Your Dream Sauna.