Infrared Sauna Panels for Sale

Retrofit Infrared Sauna Panels

Is it possible to turn an old sauna into an infrared sauna using infrared sauna panels? 

The answer is yes! Our retrofit infrared sauna panels can be custom cut to any size. These are the same panels we use in our infrared sauna rooms, but custom built exact sized to your space. 

The retrofit infrared panels have the same features and benefits of our full infrared sauna packages, featuring CarbonFlex heating panels, sized and positioned to provide evenly dispersed heat with exclusive patented technology for low EMR and EF levels (lower than the ambient conditions in your home!). The panels are verified by Intertek.

The framed panels will have a 4 foot whip cord coming off the back of the panel. If you want to upgrade your existing traditional heater, or add a heater, we can provide a combo kit which includes a traditional electric heater and infrared panels. 

Send your dimensions to Sauna Supply Co, and we will provide you with a quote for a package of infrared panels and controls. We can provide a package of infrared panels sized specifically for your sauna. The bundle will include a mix of different sized panels, in either vertical or horizontal orientations. The horizontal orientated panels are mounted below the benches.

Lowest EMF Infrared Panels In The World

If the point is to de-toxify, why expose yourself to any unnecessary level of radiation? Our infrared sauna panels are built using Pure Infra technology, confirmed to be the lowest EMR/EF in the world. Verified by Intertek. 

This doesn’t mean reading the EMR / EF at any distance from the panel like many competing products will. This means taking the reader where you’ll actually be sitting, less than 1″ from the panel itself.

Our panels exceed a reading of less than .2 milligauss when measuring EMR and there is zero electrical field (EF) inside the room. In fact, these readings will be higher outside one of our Infrared Saunas than they will be inside it. 

The EMF levels in our infrared sauna panels are lower than what you would experience from a cell phone or a computer screen.

What does this mean? Pure Infra has the lowest electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electircal field (EF) that are the lowest of any infrared delivery system that exists. Worldwide, Sweden is known to be the toughest in radiation standards and Pure Infra beats them. 

Simply put, you cannot buy a lower EMF/ER infrared sauna panel. Our low EMF/EF infrared sauna panels are 2mG EMR and 1Vm EF.

Price of Infrared Sauna Panels

The cost to retrofit a sauna using infrared sauna panels varies depending on the size of the room. Typically, the cost for our infrared sauna panels runs between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the size of the room.

While the size may vary, using retrofit infrared sauna panels is a markedly more affordable option compared to purchasing a brand new infrared sauna whether it be one of our panel built infrared rooms or a custom infrared sauna. 

Our infrared sauna panels will have an EMR / EF reading of less than .2 milligauss at the closest point to the infrared panel. These are the safest infrared sauna panels in the world as no other competing product can say this. Feel free to bring your own EMR / EF reader to our showroom, or stop by and use one of ours to test this in person. 

Get An Infrared Sauna Panel Quote Using The Form Below! 

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How To Turn A Sauna Into an Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas have soared in popularity over the past number of years and we work with many clients in upgrading an old sauna into an infrared sauna using our infrared sauna panels. 

The process of turning your sauna into an infrared sauna is simple when using retrofit infrared sauna panels. These panels are easily attached to the walls of your sauna, converting the traditional sauna room into an infrared sauna room.

Photo below, shows an infrared panel without the front cover (still being assembled).


Finnleo Infrared Panel Without Front Cover

We will take room measurements, this process can be done over the phone or via email. Our team will work with you to determine the exact size and specifications you’ll need to adequately heat your sauna room using our infrared sauna panels.

Once this process is completed and you’ve signed off on the work, we will build your infrared sauna panels to the exact dimensions. 

We are committed to customer service. Time and time again our customers return to us, mentioning how pleased they were with our patience in answering any question, assisting them in their sauna build. We would be thrilled at the opportunity to serve you, please consider reaching out by calling or using the form below!

Experience The Difference.

We’re thrilled you’re considering us on your Sauna journey. All infrared Saunas have a 5 year warranty on top of the lowest EMR + EF standards in the world.

-20% Energy

A Pure Infra infrared sauna panel
heats up near instantly to your set
comfort level, while using 20%
less energy than other systems. 

This means that fewer resources
are used to provide the safest,
most comfortable infrared
sauna bathing experience

Full Body Heat

With Pure Infra panels,
full body heat is distributed

The way it should be. 

Lowest EMR
+ EF Available

Pure Infra panels measure
lower than the toughest
radiation standards in
the world (Sweden).

Verified by Intertek.

Built In Sound

Every infrared sauna kit
comes with a low profile
bluetooth speaker system
built in. That's music
to your ears.

*when purchasing infrared
panels alone, bluetooth
does not come standard.

Easy On The Eyes

Each infrared sauna kit comes
with trimodal lighting systems,
with soft valence lighting, ceiling
reading lights and color light

Create your own ambiance,
all controlled through the app
or from the unit control panel.