Custom Built Sauna Benches

We Build Sauna Benches For Saunas Of Any Size

Sauna benches are likely the most important component of a sauna outside of the heater itself. Sauna benches are, after all, where you will spend all of your time in the sauna. 

Custom built sauna benches can be as extravagant or as basic as you’d like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

We offer custom built sauna benches, shipped directly to your door. For a quote on custom sauna benches, please do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out our form with your bench size and desired wood type. 

Types of Sauna Benches

There are many different types of sauna benches, all with the same goal of supporting the weight of sauna users. Sauna benches should be placed at a height which allows the sauna user to get maximum heat exposure in the sauna room. 

Permanently Installed Sauna Benches

Permanently installed sauna benches are fixed in position, offering enhanced security and safety in the sauna room. Typically, permanent sauna benches are found on the top row of a sauna, or in saunas with an elevated floor system.

Removable Sauna Benches

Removable sauna benches offer an advantage over permanently installed sauna benches in that they can be easily replaced and cleaned, in the event that it is needed. 

All of the modular sauna kits we offer come with removable bench systems, for ease of installation. Typically, the top bench of these sauna rooms is fixed to the wall, preventing users from accidentally moving the sauna bench from the wall itself. 

On our custom cut DIY sauna kits, benches come pre-built so all you have to do is install it in place.

Sauna Bench FAQs

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds if not thousands of questions relating to sauna benches. We’ve done our best to compile some of the most frequently asked sauna bench questions below. 

How Are Sauna Benches Attached To Sauna Walls?

When building a sauna, pre-planning the height of your sauna benches is important because you will need to add additional bench supports inside the framing of your sauna room. This starts by knowing exactly how tall your sauna will be and how much head room you’d like to have above yourself while sitting on the top bench of your sauna.

Once the interior tongue and groove has been assembled and you’re ready to install sauna benches, you’ll use a bench support attached to the wall of the sauna to support the weight of your bench. 

The top bench of a sauna is typically secured to the wall of the sauna using a simple screw. This prevents the bench from accidentally pulling away from the sauna wall, which could lead to the bench itself tipping. While this is not absolutely required and we see many saunas where the top bench is completely removable, you should understand the risks before doing this. 

How Many Benches Should A Sauna Have?

A sauna should have two benches, a top bench and a lower bench. Saunas with only one top bench often feature a raised floor system that acts as the “bottom” bench. 

While it is less common, there are saunas featuring a raised floor system that have three total benches. This is typically the case in sauna rooms that were built with a ceiling height that was taller than recommended, or in large commercial saunas.

Should My Sauna Benches Be Sliding?

Sliding sauna benches offer an advantage over permanently installed sauna benches in the fact that they can be easily removed for cleaning or basic maintenance should they ever need it.

Sliding benches can also be an advantage in smaller sauna spaces, allowing the sauna user to easily slide them back under the top bench should the need arise. 

In the video shown here, we’re demonstrating the sliding sauna benches on one of our Hallmark Panel Built Saunas.

Sliding Sauna Benches Pros and Cons

Most saunas feature at least one sliding bench. Many saunas come with every bench offering a sliding ability. If your top bench is built to slide, ensure that it is always properly seated against the back wall prior to using your sauna.

Pros of Sliding Sauna Benches

  • Easier to install
  • Easy to remove for future maintenance
  • Can be tucked away to create more space in the sauna

Cons of Sliding Sauna Benches

  • If pulled too far, they can become tippy increasing the risk of damage or worse, falling off while using the sauna

What Is The Optimal Sauna Bench Layout?

Determining the layout of your sauna starts in the initial design phase. Once the sauna room has been constructed, changing the bench layout may be challenging as the door and heater placement will ultimately affect the layout of the sauna benches. 

In the video attached here, we are demonstrating the L Shaped Bench Design in our NorthStar 5×7 Panel Built Sauna.

Common Sauna Bench Layouts Include:

  • L Shaped Benches
  • U Shaped Benches
  • Single Row Benches
  • Double Row Benches
  • Floating Benches

Every bench design offers advantages and disadvantages and planning your sauna room should start with size and benching. 

L Shaped Benches

L shaped sauna benches are common in room sizes that allow them, offering increased comfort when lying down. Additionally, L shaped top benches give additional users seating in spaced that may otherwise go unused. 

We offer pre-cut DIY sauna kits, cut to your exact specifications. For those who order one of these kits, benches come pre-built ready for easy, fast installation. 

To inquire about a custom kit, give us a call at (763)688-1488 or contact us using the form below.