Black Taika Sauna Wood

Developed Exclusively for the Finnleo Sauna

Black Sauna Wall Paneling

Over a century ago, sauna interiors were commonly black in color. Saunas at this time were what is known as the traditional Finnish Savusauna

Black Taika Sauna wood is a Finnleo exclusive product developed specifically for use in Finnleo saunas. 

Black Taika is a black sauna wall paneling that creates a timeless, elegant modern sauna design. Due to the excessive amounts of smoke created inside the Savu (smoke) sauna, the interior walls would eventually develop a rich black color.

The Black Taika wood used inside our custom Finnleo saunas creates a unique, modern Nordic sauna design that will continue to impress you and your guests for decades to come.

A custom sauna built using Black Taika is something to behold, they are one of our personal favorites to design and build.

What Makes Black Sauna Walls Unique?

1. Reminiscent of Original Savusaunas

The interior of a traditional Savu Sauna would turn dark black over time, due to the smoke created from the sauna room. 

Black Taika is designed to look and feel of an ancient Savu sauna, with the modern and luxurious design of traditional saunas today.

2. Modern Minimalist Nordic Design

When paired with clear Canadian Hemlock for backrests and benches, Black Taika sauna rooms create a modern, unmistakable design that is unlike anything else that exists.

Custom Saunas Built With Black Taika

The Centurion panel built sauna is constructed using Black Taika wall paneling and clear Canadian Hemlock throughout benches and backrests. As a custom sauna package, Black Taika is used throughout the walls with clear Canadian Hemlock for benching and backrests. 

Black Taika is one of the most unique sauna wood types that exists and it provides an unmatched look and feel to any traditional sauna. We would love to work with you to build your dream sauna experience using Black Taika. Give us a call or contact us today for a custom sauna quote.

Build My Sauna Using Black Taika.

Dark Wood Inside The Sauna

Black Taika offers the distinct ability to create a dark sauna environment that is unlike anything else currently on the market. 

When paired with clear Canadian Hemlock for the backrest and benching inside the sauna room, the unmistakable color variation only found in a Finnleo custom sauna is created.

Black Taika inside your sauna creates a very modern, pleasing aesthetic that cannot be found anywhere else. 

We would love the opportunity to build your sauna using Black Taika. Give us a call or contact us online, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Let’s BUild Your Dream Sauna.