Hallmark Panel Built Saunas for Sale

Meet The Hallmark Panel Built Sauna

Luxurious Saunas at an excellent value. The Hallmark Sauna comes in a variery of size and is built using Clear Canadian Hemlock wood in both the T&G (Interior & Exterior) and benches/backrest. 

The Hallmark is not only a quick, affordable option to put a Sauna in your space. They’re built for everyday use, designed to hold up for years and years. Hallmark Saunas are one of the most popular modular sauna kits we sell.

The Hallmark has a very simple and quick assembly, which makes it a great option for those of you that move around and want to take your sauna with you (because of course you do). 


What Sets The Hallmark Series Apart

One Of The Best Looking Affordably Priced Panel Built Sauna Kits On The Market

The Hallmark Series of Panel Built Saunas is an indoor-only line of sauna rooms. The smallest size is only 16 square feet (4′ x 4′).

All Hallmark rooms are 80″ tall (just under 7′). Are you looking for a different layout that is not a standard option listed below? Are you looking for an outdoor sauna and like the interior look of the Hallmark? Contact us, we can build a custom indoor or outdoor unit matching the interior features of the Hallmark Series.

Hallmarks are offered in 5 different sizes:

Handcrafted With Clear Canadien Hemlock

Of every model we offer, the Hallmark Series is built for affordability. Who says affordable can’t look excellent?

This line is built using Clear Canadien Hemlock Wood that provides a top of the line, designer aesthetic to any space.

Smart Sauna Controls

Want your Sauna warm when you get home? Complete control from the palm of your hand.

The Hallmark Sauna comes standard with the SaunaLogic2 Control System giving you complete control over your Sauna from the wall, or via the SaunaLogic2 app on your phone.

Colored Backrest LED Lighting & Bluetooth Speakers

Every model in the Hallmark Series comes standard with built in Bluetooth Speakers and LED Backrest Lighting. 

Hallmark Gallery

Every Sauna we sell comes backed by a 5 year warranty. Priced to fit your lifestyle, built to be placed anywhere in-doors. No floor drain required.

Get A Delivered Quote

Saunas are stress free. Ordering one should be, too. 

Most Affordable Panel Built Saunas

Hallmark 4'x4'

The smallest model in the series, the Hallmark 44 (4’x4′) is designed for 1-2 people. The Hallmark 44 plugs into standard 120 volt power, making it one of the best options for people in small spaces.

Power: 120 volt 

View the Hallmark 44.

Hallmark 4'x6'

Occupying just 24 square feet of floor space, the Hallmark 4’x6′ sauna is built to share, comfortably seating 2 to 3 people. The 4×6 features a 2/3 glass front that the Hallmark 44 does not.

Power: 240 volt 

View the Hallmark 46.

Hallmark 5'x7'

Built for 4-5 people, the Hallmark 5’x7′ sauna features an “L” shaped bench designed for even the tallest of sauna users to lie down in the room.

Power: 240 volt 

View the Hallmark 57.

Hallmark 5'x5' Corner Room

Does your space dictate that your sauna fits into a corner? The Hallmark 5’x5′ Corner model is built just under 25 square feet and for 2-3 people.

Power: 240 volt 

View the Hallmark 55 Corner Sauna.

Hallmark 6'x6' Corner Room

The largest Hallmark Corner Sauna offered, built for 3-4 people. Occupies 36 square feet of floor space.

Power: 240 volt 

View the Hallmark 66 Corner Sauna.

Hallmark Panel Built Modular Saunas

The Hallmark Panel Built Sauna Series is an affordably priced, pre fabricated Sauna built in a panel style that allows easy set up. These style of Saunas are also often referred to as Sauna Kits. A Sauna Kit includes everything you need to set up a Sauna in your home. Whether you choose to have our Sauna Installation team set the Sauna up for you, or to DIY Install it yourself, the Hallmark Series is an excellent, budget friendly panel built Sauna built to stand the test of time. Give us a call at (763)688-1488 or request a quote online, we would be thrilled at the opportunity to serve you!

Like The Look, Not The Size?

Consider going partially, or full custom. Our Custom Sauna offering includes any of the wood types we build our panel style saunas in. We can build your custom sauna to be permanently installed, free standing, or panel built custom.