Hallmark 6' x 6' Corner Sauna Room

The Hallmark 66 Corner room is 6’x6′, making it just under 36 square feet. The model is designed to be put in a corner of the house.  Powered by the Designer Heater (6 KW/240 V).


The Hallmark 66, or Hallmark 6’x6′ Corner Panel Built Sauna is one of our most popular Sauna Kits for folks looking for a corner sauna that can comfortably sit multiple sauna users at one time.

Why Choose The Hallmark 6×6? 

The Hallmark 6’x6′ corner sauna room makes an excellent corner feature to anybody who wants a beautiful looking sauna placed nicely in the corner of a room. If your space dictates that you utilize a corner built sauna, the Hallmark 6’x6′ sauna is an excellent choice.

Built using Clear Canadien Hemlock, the Hallmark Series offers a unique visual aesthetic that stands in a class all it’s own. All of the wood used in the Hallmark Sauna series is 100% clear, with no knots present. Hemlock wood is an excellent choice for any Sauna, with properties that allow it to withstand the test of daily use for years.

Where Can I Place The Hallmark 6’x6′ Corner Sauna? 

All Hallmark Saunas are panel built, pre-fabricated Saunas. They ship ready to install, anywhere in your home. DIY Installation is entirely possible, we also offer installation service so you can remain 100% hands off.

The Hallmark 6’x6′ Corner Sauna is built for indoor use and can be placed anywhere in the home. No floor drain necessary!

Standard Features on Hallmark Saunas

  • Clear Canadian Hemlock Wood used throughout entire sauna.
  • Exterior tongue and groove siding finished with biodegradable wood treatment.
  • Two Tone wood used in backrest and benching (Dark wood is heat-treated Alder).
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Colored Backrest LED Lighting
  • Built in Vinyl False Floor
  • Seamless Glass Door and Window, Clear glass.
  • Armrest in front of the Glass.
  • Door handle doubles as a towel hanger.
  • Smart Sauna, power on anywhere from your phone with SaunaLogic 2.0 App (or from the unit itself)

Other Sizes Of Hallmark Panel Built Saunas