Hallmark 4' x 4' Sauna Room

Built for single person use, a high quality sauna kit at an entry level price point. This is one of the smallest footprints we offer, taking up just 16 square feet of floor space.


Our smallest model in the Hallmark Indoor Series is the Hallmark 4×4. It takes up just 16 square feet of floor space and is powered by the Stainless Steel Junior Heater (1.7kW/120V or 2.2 kW/120V).

Why Choose The Hallmark 4×4? 

Built using Clear Canadien Hemlock, the Hallmark Series offers a unique visual aesthetic that stands in a class all it’s own. All of the wood used in the Hallmark Sauna series is 100% clear, with no knots present. Hemlock wood is an excellent choice for any Sauna, with properties that allow it to withstand the test of daily use for years.