NorthStar Outdoor 5'x6' Sauna Room

The NorthStar 5’x6′ outdoor panel built sauna comes with an integral waterproof flooring system, designed for outdoor sauna use. All outdoor models run on 240v power, with the NorthStar Outdoor 56 utilizing a 6 KW heater, as compared to the 4.5 KW heater used on the NorthStar 46. This model is designed for 3-4 people and we recommend it if you plan to use the sauna with two others at the same time.


The NorthStar 56, or NorthStar 5’x6′ outdoor modular sauna kit is built using Nordic Spruce, designed to last for a lifetime of heavy use. These Saunas are heavier built than the Hallmark Series and the NorthStar 5’x6′ panel built model is designed for 3-4 sauna users.

The NorthStar Series is also built in an indoor model, with a 4’x4′, 4’x6′, 5’x6′ and 5’x7′ model specifically for indoor use.

Type: Traditional Panel Built Sauna

The NorthStar Series (both indoor and outdoor) is a traditional sauna type, meaning you can add water to the rocks to create steam. These are some of the most popular saunas we carry, for their durability and visual aesthetic from the tinted doors to traditional Nordic Spruce build.

Heater Size: 6 KW Designer 240V 

240V power is required to run all outdoor models and must be installed by a certified electrician. Similar to running power to an outdoor hot tub, you can hire your own electrician, or we can connect you with one of the electricians we recommend.

Wood Type: Nordic Spruce / Aspen / Abachi

All NorthStar sauna models are built using Nordic Spruce for the interior and exterior. The benches are built using Aspen or Abachi wood.

Why Choose The NorthStar Outdoor 5’x6′? 

The number one reason our clients choose the 5’x6′ outdoor model is for an improved experience when utilizing the sauna with three people. Designed for 3-4 sauna users, the NorthStar 56 Outdoor Sauna offers a bit more space than the NorthStar Outdoor 46. The NorthStar series showcases a bronze tinted door, with built in backrest LED lighting, similar to the Hallmark Series.

The NorthStar Series offers a rustic, traditional feel with it’s Nordic Spruce construction and Aspen / Abachi benching.

Where Can I Place The NorthStar Outdoor 5’x6′ Sauna? 

All NorthStar Outdoor Saunas are panel built, pre-fabricated Saunas. They ship ready to install, anywhere you’d like outdoors. DIY Installation is entirely possible, we also offer installation service so you can remain 100% hands off.

The NorthStar Outdoor 5’x6′ Sauna is built for Outdoor use and can be placed nearly anywhere you’d like outdoors.

Standard Features on NorthStar Saunas

  • Constructed of Nordic Spruce on both Interior & Exterior
  • Backrest LED Lighting (with multiple color choices)
  • Glass Door, Tinted Bronze
  • Smart Sauna, power on anywhere from your phone (or from the unit itself)
  • Plug and Play: the NorthStar 44 model plugs into standard 120V power
  • Soundbar (Optional Add On)
  • False Floor (Optional Add On)