Finding The Best Wood Burning Stoves for Sauna

When you think of a sauna, chances are you think of the traditional style. A traditional, Finnish Sauna is heated with a wood burning Sauna stove. Wood burning stoves create a heat unlike any other in the Sauna, because there is no limit as to how hot the Sauna can get. 

Sauna has a long history dating back to 1,112 A.D in Finland when it was dug into the earth. As the years passed by, these were built above the ground and use rocks to produce heat. In fact, Mayans also use the Sauna for spiritual purposes and balanced health.

As people realized the benefits of Sauna such as relieving physical, emotional, and mental stress, it has become a need more than a luxury. There are proven studies on the benefits of Sauna that have drastically increased world-wide demand. Today, you can find different kinds of saunas, such as wood-burning, infrared, electric, smoke, steam, etc. Essentially, there are three types of Saunas. Wood fired, electric, and infrared. It starts with the heater or stove used to create heat from the Sauna and the custom sauna options go on infinitely. 

Sauna in general has proven to be highly effective to relax muscles, escape from hectic lives, and sweat out toxins. Among different types of saunas, the most common example of the traditional sauna is one that features a wood-burning stove, also referred to as the Finnish Sauna. Wood burning sauna stoves are ideal for those who are looking for a perfect outdoor sauna room. 

The major difference in a wood stove for heating your Sauna is that there is no limit to the amount of heat that can be created. Depending on which type of wood you burn in your sauna stove, the heat can become much hotter. 

Find The Best Wood Burning Stove For Your Sauna

There are plenty of well known brands that build a high quality wood fired Sauna stove. When it comes to quality, we believe that the Finnleo line of sauna stoves is the best of the best. Now, this is because we’re partial to them. We’ve been using these saunas daily for the better part of our lives and for the money you’re investing into your sauna, the last place you want to skimp on quality is in the sauna stove.

If you’re building an outdoor sauna and want simply the best wood fired stove for your room, the two wood fired stoves below are without question the best on the market.

Karhu 20 Wood Fired Sauna Stove

The Karhu 20 wood sauna stove is built for Saunas 282 to 702 cubic feet. If you’re still in the process of designing and building your outdoor wood fired sauna, take a look at our Sauna sizing guide

Saga 22 Wood Fired Sauna Stove

Everything You Need To Know About Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

Having used electric sauna stoves, wood burning stoves, and infrared saunas our entire lives, we’d like to think we’ve heard it all when it comes to the world of Sauna. We’re a Finnleo Sauna Dealer serving Minnesota and quite frankly, our lives revolve around Sauna. These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about wood sauna stoves.

Wood Sauna Stoves vs. Electric Sauna Heaters

The wood-burning stove is a traditional sauna that offers softer steam and heat. Designed for high-performance, the stoves result in pure bliss, gentle waves of heat, and soft steam. The combustion chamber with the sauna wood stove manages the airflow appropriately. If the airflow is higher, the wood will burn faster, and if the airflow is controlled, it maintains the room temperature to that extent only. Comparing wood vs electric sauna stoves is a challenge, because they are so different in how they operate and which type of heat they create.

When the heat is transferred to the sauna rocks, it results in softer heat with less wood consumption. Many serious sauna enthusiasts preferred wood burning stove because of its effectiveness and easy to use features. Because such a stove does not require electric power, it can be set up virtually anywhere, be it a remote location, at home, a beach house, or a cottage. 

Benefits of Wood-Burning Stove for Sauna

Wood-fired sauna stoves are the traditional way of making your body warm and heating your sauna. The soft flame and soft heat of the wood-burning stove brings a fun experience with a pleasant cracking effect and wood burning smell. Undoubtedly, the sauna is turning out to be more recognized among holiday homeowners. Many holiday homes located in isolated areas and where energy supply is less are using wood-fired sauna wood stoves than typical electric heaters. Traditional sauna takes 30-40 minutes for a room to pre-heat the rocks and achieve the desired temperature. From an ecological and economic standpoint, a sauna wood stove is a right choice. 



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