Best Portable Infrared Saunas

If you are looking for the best portable infrared sauna reviews, then your search is over. Portable saunas are a surprising discovery for quite a busy life schedule. They are convenient for homes, beauty parlor and any indoor setup.

Portable saunas have been around for decades now. They vary in structure, materials, heaters and the installation. All the same, they may look different, but they have a similar effect of the traditional and stationary saunas.

What are the chances of enjoying sauna services at the comfort of your house or hotel room? The answer is a portable sauna.

The reason why these saunas are popular it’s their ability to offer health benefits like weight loss, soothing sore muscles, and joints, detoxification, increased heart rates, glowing skin, etc.

Here are the best portable infrared saunas.

Portable saunas are easy to clean, to install and use. They come with a control panel, to give you liberty on heat regulation and duration. Some have foldable and comfy seats in the inside and footpads to massage the feet with the infrared waves.

The 10 Best Portable Infrared Sauna Reviews – 2020

Today, you will find various specs in each portable infrared sauna, each to make your sauna services heavenly. The following reviewed portable saunas will help you narrow down to the perfect sauna for your daily needs.

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

For users who require a portable steam sauna to be as compact as possible, the SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa is an outstanding choice that offers much of the same capabilities as some of the best portable saunas in the industry.

With a maximum heat level of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, this model is ideal for anyone who prefers a hotter sauna experience for their body.

Higher temperature is often recommended for those with achy muscles or joints as the heat forces your body to relax and let go of the typical strain that many people don’t even realize they deal with.

This model comes with a foldable chair that is reported to be one of the most comfortable of any portable sauna available on the market.

The SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa also features a foot pad that’s perfect for getting just the right amount of relaxation from head to toe while you’re in the sauna. Users can adjust this portable spa to temperatures ranging from 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

While this one is priced a bit higher than other portable saunas on our list, it’s a premium option that is among the best in the industry.


  • Foot pad
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Higher price

KUPPET Portable Infrared Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Chair

The major thing that will stand out on this sauna is the portable unit. It is likened to a mobile beauty parlour.

Whenever you have a vacation, this sauna is easy to fold and set up. You carry it along with you. This portable infrared sauna is conveniently portable and easy to pack it when you need it.

It is convenient meaning you can timely have it when you need to enjoy sauna service. What a surprising and satisfying design, your hands can stretch out to read, watch TV, or listen to podcasts or music.

KUPPET Portable Infrared Home sauna
Photo: KUPPET Portable Infrared Home Spa, Infrared Negative Ion Portable Sauna, with Heating Foot Pad and Chair, Remote Control, 30 Minutes Timer (Infrared 36.6”H, Brown)

Main Features of KUPPET Portable Sauna

This outstanding high-quality portable sauna has unique features. The features make it convenient for hotel, home and other indoor places.

It is a FAR-infrared meaning the heaters are infrared heaters. It is portable and easy to assemble. It is made with thick cotton material which feels refreshing. Inside the sauna is comfy and foldable seat and below are footpads which keep the feet comfortable throughout the session.

Model & Accessory Specs

Specs and the overall model is what you see first and what attracts you the most. This portable sauna has a dark and elegant color.

It contains heated foot mats and chair folding chairs and hot mats to reduce fatigue and relax your body. The foot-ball keeps you comfortable and gives you tickling experience for your feet.


This outstanding sauna comes in a humanized design. It is crafted with the user in mind. The material used is a waterproof insulation fabric to contain the heat within the sauna.

The footpad remains dry throughout for safety. Your head and hands stay out to allow you to read a book; listen to your favourite music or other activities. This sauna helps you to get healthy body care while being entertained.

The sauna has zippers on top, which creates an opening for your hands and the head. You will be able to have a conversation with your company, read a book or continue watching your favorite series on television. Lastly, it can fold up easy and effortless to carry and store


The installation part is the easiest. The sauna comes with a manual to help you put everything together. The poles are labelled to ensure that the installation is easy and convenient.

KUPPET Portable Infrared Home Spa

Remote Control

The remote control comes with the sauna. It is a garget with a function of regulating heat in the sauna and setting the time duration. This feature makes you remain comfortable and longer in the sauna.

EMF Radiation

The electromagnetic fields are inevitable in any electrical product. However, the manufacturers ensure that the emission is close to zero to ensure that you are safe. Contact the manufacturer to get the amount of EMF emission.

Heat Options

These portable saunas use far infrared heaters. Just like the name suggests, the infrared heaters are now from your body, yet beneficial. In these infrared saunas, the most critical aspect is ensuring that the infrared waves get in contact with your body.

Chair and Foot Pad

Heating foot pads ensure that your feet remain in place and give you a comfortable sensation. This sauna has a comfy chair and heating footpads. The heating pad ensures that your skin directly connected to the heat for effective body heating to the core. The chair is a Comfortable sports canvas which is foldable.

KUPPET Portable Infrared Home Spa, Infrared Negative Ion Portable Sauna, with Heating Foot Pad and Chair, Remote Control

Customer Satisfaction

This sauna has plenty of room, power, and ionized. It has front spreader-bars, and the footpad is thick removable nylon netted sponge. The floor pad fits over the floor and stops at the footpad. The footpads are wired on a separate switch altogether to ensure that the feet get in touch with infrared waves. Lastly, this sauna has a cool wooden foot massager with rolling like spurred wheels that not only feels good but heavenly.


The makers ensure safety in this sauna. First and foremost, the sauna has far infrared heaters. Meaning the heaters are far from the user. Secondly, this sauna comes with footpads which keep you in place and prevent sliding. The canvas is firm and comfortable and therefore no fear of falling or breaking.


  • It takes only 5 minutes to heat.
  • The Heating elements have a power output of 1050 watts.
  • It comes with comfortable sports canvas folding chairs.
  • The hot mats under your feet reduce fatigue and relax your body during the process.

Cons :

  • It is limited to one person in every session.

Why do we recommend this sauna?

Not enough words can describe this gem. It is classic, exquisitely beautiful to behold and a wholesome of health benefits like detoxification increased metabolism and heart rate.

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Radiant Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna

With this portable and easy to set and break sauna, you start relaxing a minute after you enter into the sauna. It is crafted with long-lasting material lock-stitched to repel moisture. What an excellent way to enjoy a healthy and yet entertaining sauna session. What are the chances to multitask and still enjoy the sauna services? The answer is Radiant rejuvenator portable sauna.

Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna
Photo: Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna with FAR Infrared Carbon Panels, Heated Floor Pad, Canvas Chair

Main Features

This sauna comes with a one-minute setup. What that means is you start feeling the sensation immediately after you enter. You don’t wait for it to start heating up. It comes with a durable design from satin and polyester exterior.

This masterpiece is humanized-model, meaning you get to handheld control the amount of heat produced in the panels with a remote.

It is comfortable with a comfort collar where your headrests. The material is soft terry cloth and a zipper to zip when the session is over. It comes with durable canvas seats. On the outside is a sewn-in pocket for your phone and remote.

Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna

Model & Accessory Specs

It is a personal one person sauna. It is portable meaning it is light and mobile. The material used in crafting the sauna are satin, polyester, and in the exterior, it is lock-stitched. The lock-stitch create a quilted look which is both appealing and repels moisture.

It is classic and highly accessorized cabin. It has a handheld remote control to regulate heat within the cabin. Your feet stay comfortable on the footpads which are comfy and heated to add warmth to the feet and therapeutic sensation.


Enjoy this relaxing and on the go infrared sauna. This gorgeous Rejuvenator sauna has three carbon infrared heaters, strategically placed to ensure even distribution of heat. The heat blankets your body in soothing sensation.

A foot heater is inclusive with an additional layer for you to relax. The seats are canvas entirely made to fit inside the cabin. The seat is constructed with steel which offers durability and strength to the chair. On top of that is a comfy, soft and supportive canvas material to keep you safe and comfortable.

They are easy to fold and therefore easy to carry along on vacations.

It has a collapsible design which makes it convenient to fold and store. The collar is comfortable, which is made with soft terry cotton material. It is easy to hand-wash or wash with a machine. In order to cover the whole cabin, there are dual interior and exterior zippers. The zippers are heavy duty and help you zip either from inside or outside.


Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna installation
Photo: Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna installation step by step

It is effortless to put up this sauna. It has a collapsible design, and within a minute you will unzip the cabin and set it up for the session. No tools or large assembly is required.

Remote Control

Nothing is flattering than having control over the gadget you are using. This sauna comes with a simple remote control. It has an interface where you can control the temperatures and set the duration in the cabin.

EMF Radiation

It’s very fortunate to have the manufacturer consider the amount of EMF produced. In this case, the sauna has shallow electromagnetic fields emission. It is safe, therefore, for you and the family.

Heat Options

It is an infrared sauna and therefore, FAR infrared carbon panels are the primary source of heat. FAR, meaning that these heaters are literally far from you. The two infrared carbon heaters provide therapy session and heat the body, causing significant sweating.

Chair and Foot Pad

The chairs are made of steel frames and canvas for comfort. The foot mat is made with foam and heated footpads with ionizer with 900 watts.

Customer Satisfaction

Well, this sauna is very convenient for you. When you plan on traveling for a vacation, it is easy to tag it along. It’s a gorgeous sauna to behold. It is an efficient sauna and convenient at the same time. How? The seats are firm, the satin polyester material is durable, and its collapsible design makes it easy to set up. Finally, It comes with one year warranty


The sauna has low EMF radiation. You see, the electromagnetic fields are dangerous to human organs. Excess of it is catastrophic. Well in this sauna very low EMF as approved by Intertek. Another safety measure is accessories. Like the seats are firm and durable to ensure that you don’t collapse in the sauna.

The material is user-friendly and does not burn up when using. The infrared carbon panels emit heat from the whole surface area to prevent chances of a hot spot.


  • The soothing sensation reduces stress.
  • When using the sauna, your body’s metabolism increases by 20% converting stored fats into usable energy.
  • The sauna has insignificant EMF radiation.
  • Its collapsible design makes it easy to carry and set up.
  • FAR Infrared Carbon Panels, Heated Floor Pad, Canvas Chair


  • It’s a one-person sauna and so contains one person at every session.

Why we recommend

If the overall look of this sauna doesn’t capture your attention, then the specs will. It is a gorgeous sauna richly featured to make you feel comfortable as you enjoy the sauna services. It is a light structure and easily mobile. It will fit in the car when you are traveling.

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Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

What are the chances of having a sauna bath wherever and whenever you want to? The answer is infrared far IR portable sauna. It is uniquely made with Negative IONs on the heating elements. Unlike traditional saunas, which leave you drained and weak, this sauna will leave you feeling relaxed and ridiculously energized. The sauna has negative ions heating elements. Negative ions are mainly for air purification; to ensure that you don’t feel suffocated or contact different items in the cabin.

Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna
Photo: Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna by Durherm with Air Ionizer, Heating Foot Pad and Chair, 30 Minutes Timer, Large, Silver

Main Features

The sauna is first and foremost infrared and portable with a seat and footpad. The first thing you see is its appealing structure. The structure is intended to be used in privacy, like in your home or any interior environment without large spaces. It requires no special accommodations.

As discussed above, negative IONs attract floating particles in the cabin. When there is a high concentration of negative ions in the air, they will attract to charge floating particles in quantity positively. Magnetically, positive attracts negative, and that’s why the heating elements do to the sauna.

It has hi-tech three infrared heaters strategically placed to heat the sauna evenly. This Portable Sauna has a fold-able Chair, heating footpad, and a remote for temperature and a control manual to help you adjust heat and duration in the sauna. Mainly the sauna is intended to heat for 30 minutes.

Model & Accessory Specs

The model is a portable and light sauna. It is far-infrared, meaning it uses the technology of infrared heaters. The far infrared technique mimics heating the body using the light. You don’t feel uncomfortable with ridiculous heat in the cabin, but the effect is marvelous. You see, the infrared radiation sends infrared waves into the tissues.

The sauna is accessorized with various features to make your sauna experience worthwhile. With the foot heating pads, you get to enjoy the therapy from the feet. The seat ensures that you are comfortable. On the top zipper to allow your hands out to read your favorite book or listen to music or watch television.

The remote control helps you regulate heat and time duration in the sauna. In this whole package, all you need is a 110V socket to plug and a towel. The rest is taken care of.


It is a quite and multi-featured yet straightforward portable sauna. The therapeutic effects of infrared saunas make them famous. It comes with footpad for the feet therapy and a secure place to place the feat. On the heating elements are the negative ions. They charge the sauna with negative ions to attract the floating elements in the sauna to ensure that the circulation of air is fresh and pure.

The sauna is foldable, meaning the set requires you to unfold it and viola! It’s ready.


It is effortlessly in the setting. You only need to unfold the sauna. If you got a spare room, you could leave it set for use.

EMF Radiation

Luckily, today’s manufacturers are cautious about the dangerous electromagnetic fields. This sauna has low EMF, but it will be perfect if you consult the manufacturers on an exact amount of EMF radiation.

Heat Options

Well, the sauna is infrared, and the heating elements are infrared heaters. They are three hi-tech heaters that are strategically positioned to heat the cabin evenly. On the heaters are the Negative IONs for air purification.

Cabin Size

It has a perfect size, and it is convenient for any room and way better than large-sized saunas. It has the content of FIS-101 Large Size. It is comfy and spacious on the inside to avoid claustrophobia feeling.

Chair and Foot Pad

The sauna comes with a comfy chair and footpad in the package.

Customer Satisfaction

The design of this luxurious sauna emulates that of expensive and convectional sauna only cheap and convenient. Its advantage over the conventional ones is its foldable ability and mobile. The size is sufficient for a room and spacious inside the cabin.


  • It comes with a chair to ensure that you feel comfortable in the sauna.
  • The sauna offers all the health benefits like relaxation, detoxification, open pores, increased heart rate, etc.
  • The heating elements come with negative ions to purify the air within the cabin.
  • The sauna has various desirable features to ensure that you stay comfortable in the sauna and safe at the same time.


  • You will need to outsource a socket with 110volts.

Why we recommend

This Infrared sauna will outperform conventional saunas. It is easy to set up with a foldable seat and the whole sauna.

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Gizmo Supply XL Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna

This indoor cabin comes with all you need for an ultimate sauna session. It is one of the most convenient saunas in the market today. It is equitable to a mobile beauty parlor. What are the chances that you want to enjoy a sauna session, but you can’t get to the nearest spa? The answer is Gizmo Supply XL sauna. You can easily set it up or unpack it whenever the need arises.

The sauna comes with a comfy and easy to fold seat, a comfortable collar, and comes with a soft collar in the kit head and the neck. The sewn-in pockets help store books or other devices. At the feet are a relaxing footpad, and user-friendly, mobile control.

Gizmo Supply XL Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna
Photo: Gizmo Supply XL Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna

Main Features

The sauna is a complete package of everything you need in a sauna session. It comes with FIR infrared heaters. The radiation permeates into the skin, causing pores to open. The heat makes the blood to circulate faster and detoxification to take place.

It is a fantastic sauna in appearance. Unlike other saunas which require an extra room and outsource some parts like the chair, this sauna is self-sufficient with a foldable chair and easy to set up and fold back for storage. The portable sauna comes with a fancy and comfortable collar; for the neck with a sewn-in outside pocket for your gadgets and books.

It has a footpad for double relaxation and comes with a control panel for heat regulation within the cabin.

Model & Accessory Specs

One thing that stands out in this sauna is its mobility. Whether you want to go for a vacation, you can pack it and carry it along with you. It is super accessorized for appeal and usefulness. It comes with an easy set of setting up. To enjoy the sensation of this sauna, unfold it, and connect it to the plug and viola! It’s already set for the session. When the session is over, it easily contracts for folding and storage.


The construction is a complete paradise. First and foremost, it is very appealing. It takes the shape of a dome. The cover is a bright gray with blue linings. It has a comfortable collar where you place your head during the sweating session.

It has a dual zipper, which enables you to open or close, whether within or outside the cabin. The sauna contains FIR heaters that emit radiation into the skin and causes the body to sweat for all the full health benefits that come with saunas. It comes with a design of easy folding and unfolding when using it.


Well, it has the most straightforward setup. With the six steps, you will set it up quickly and after using the sauna contracts back. It makes set up secure and reliable, unlike stationary saunas, which take time to set up.

Remote Control

The sauna comes with user-friendly remote control. It helps you set duration and amount of heat in the sauna. If you desire to prolong the session, then you can easily set it up.

EMF Radiation

Luckily today, most of these saunas have low EMF. it is because manufacturers can curb the electromagnetic field emission. To get the exact amount of EMF consults, the manufacturers.

Heat Options

This sauna comes with Far-infrared Radiators. They are strategically positioned to heat the cabin evenly and get in contact with your skin for a practical sauna session. The heat activates the body cells and increases metabolism.

Unlike other saunas, infrared heated saunas direct the waves directly to the body. The heat from an infrared heater is mild but highly effective. It heats the body to the core causing the body to flush out toxins through the sweat. Due to deeper penetration of heat, the cells in the body are activated and hence increased body metabolism. For 30 minutes in the cabin, you can lose around 500 pounds.

Chair and Foot Pad

The sauna comes with a comfy footpad and a chair. The set of footpads is to keep you steady and massage the feet at the same time. Customer Satisfaction


  • It offers full health benefits to the body, like flushing out toxins through sweat.
  • The seat and the footpad make you comfortable within the sauna.
  • The sauna is easy to set and fold back.
  • It is mobile, and therefore you can place it anywhere in your house or apartment.


Well, it is specially made for one person.

Why we recommend

The sauna uses FIR heaters that embrace infrared technology. The radiation from infrared heaters is effective more than those from a traditional sauna. Apart from that, this sauna takes little time to set it up and folding back for storage.

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Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna

The sauna is stunning. It’s uniquely built with easy setup. Whether you want to have it in your home or apartment, it is lightweight, and you can have it upstairs or downstairs easily. It is oversized in the inside cabin, meaning that it is roomy and comes with a sturdy chair.

It has four heating panels which offer perfect coverage in the sauna. The footpad keeps you steady and also contributes to the sweating session. The exterior cover is chocolate brown makes it very attractive and subtle visually.

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna
Photo: Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna, Dark Brown

Main features

The sauna is a fantastic alternative for any person looking for a suitable portable sauna. It comes with a dark brown polyester cover which is completely protected against moisture. It is more significant than the usual portable sauna to create a comfortable room within the cabin. It is a stitched crew for durability.

A gap is left between the zippers on the top side for your hands. This unit has pockets on the external to enable safe placement of your gadgets and books during the session. The inside a small-sized and sturdy with an incorporated chair and on the feet are the footpads.


First and foremost, it’s a portable sauna. The manufacturers made it extra larger than a standard portable sauna. It is lightweight, and you can take it with you anywhere. The whole construction comes with a folding and unfolding technique, which makes the set up pretty easy.

When it comes to heaters, the sauna embraces the infrared technique, which uses mild heat with infrared waves for an amazing and useful sauna session. The materials for the cover are long-lasting and protected from moisture and damage.

Model & Accessory Specs

The sauna is an exquisitely beautiful product. It’s huge for any sized person. The sauna has multiple accessories to make it appealing and useful at the same time. Some of the accessories include a sturdy canvas seat, brown and robust polyester cover, a footpad, remote control, and four infrared panels.

Heat options

Heaters are the most critical spec in any sauna. In this one, the radiators are infrared panels. The panels are strategically positioned, first to emit heat directly to the skin and second to ensure that the cabin receives heat evenly. The heat from these saunas gives the body a relaxing sensation and penetrates the inner tissues causing the body to heat from the core. After some time, the body sweats flushing out toxins, increasing metabolism, increasing heart rate, etc.

Chair and footpad

Unlike other saunas, this one comes with a stable canvas chair. The chair is small in size to avoid using up space in the cabin. It has a heated footpad which allows the heat directly to the feet for an optimum sauna session. The footpads also give the feet steadiness.


This sauna comes with a very straightforward installation. It is lightweight, and therefore you can set it anywhere in the interior. All you need is a plugging socket with 110 volts. The sauna comes with a pure unfolding set up where you unfold when you want to use it. After using the sauna folds back for storage. In any way, if you have an extra room, you can leave it set for you to use it whenever the need arises.

EMF radiation

Infrared saunas are prone to electromagnetic fields. Although it would be hard to eliminate any chances of EMF, the manufacturers ensure that the emission is low or close to zero. In this case, the sauna records a low and harmless 4 EMF.


  • The cabin is completely protected from moisture by polyester material. This factor makes the sauna durable
  • The sauna session offers your body rest and other health benefits like; increased body metabolism, detoxification, unclogging the respiratory system, etc.
  • The sauna is portable because of its light material yet long-lasting material
  • Gaps are left for the hands with a zipper. You are, therefore, able to watch your favorite show, read a book, or use the phone throughout the session.
  • The seat is perfectly sized and durable form canvas material.


  • The sauna is quite expensive.

Why we recommend it

The sauna is vast to accommodate any size in the lodging. It is lovely and comes with deep chocolate brown that makes it subtle and easy to blend in with your house décor. It uses infrared technology, which is useful in terms of functionality and relaxation.

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Portable One Person Infrared Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Chair

Saunas offer multiple health benefits to the user and improve their whole wellbeing. Due to the specs, some cannot fit in your house. The only option you have is going to the spa or buying this infrared home spa that you enjoy at the comfort of your house.

This sauna is a refreshing personal infrared sauna. Unlike steam saunas, this one provides artificial infrared heats and waves which penetrate deeply into the body, raising the temperature from the core. The sauna session in this cabin is active because the heat reaches the tissues in the body. It is a one-person sauna and comes with a seat and heating footpad.

Portable Infrared One Person Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Chair
Photo: Portable Infrared One Person Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Chair

 Main Features

Loozys portable and an infrared sauna are one of the best-infrared saunas in the market. It comes in a luminous color for the tent, which makes it very appealing to you.

It is a one-person sauna which makes it personal and convenient for any homestead. It enables you to enjoy all the health benefits of a sauna in mild heat.

It has a portable sauna unit. Just like its name suggests, this fantastic sauna is mobile. It is easy to move the dome around in the house and to pack it when going for a vacation.

It comes with a user-friendly design. The sauna has openings for your hands and the head, allowing you to do other things outside as your body gets the therapeutic sensation of the sauna.

It comes with its secure and comfortable chair and a heating footpad for maximum comfort and productive sauna session.

 Model & Accessory Specs

When it comes to the mode, the sauna is an infrared one person sauna. It emulates a gorgeous dome when setting up. It comes accessorized with everything you need for the sauna session.

The accessories include;

It comes with a set of rows of acupressure rollers. The foot rollers massage your body as you enjoy the sauna time. It is best for relieving plantar fasciitis, pain, and all the ailments of your feet.

  • A foldable and comfortable chair to keep you in place
  • Zippers which provide openings for your hands and head for other activities outside the sauna
  • Comes with remote control for you to regulate the heat within the sauna
  • Heating footpad completes the sensation on your feet


The complete structure is a one-person infrared sauna. It embraces the technology of infrared heaters. On the outside are a beautiful tent with zippers; they allow you to put your hands in the exterior and head. Within the sauna, you can take your head out and enjoy your favorite show or read a book.

On the feet are the rollers that massage your feet and the heating footpads, which make your stay in the sauna heavenly. It is lightweight and weighs 20 pounds making it easy to carry and set up anywhere.


You will take a few minutes to set this sauna up. It is a folding unfolding method of installation.

 Remote Control:

The sauna comes with a control panel. What the panel does is helping you set up time and regulate the amount of heat in the sauna.

EMF Radiation,

The sauna has a low EMF reading.

Heat Options

Just like its name suggests, this sauna uses far infrared heaters. They are four strategically positioned. Two are on one side and the two on the opposite side. The positioning ensures that the sauna is evenly heated. With all flaps closed, the sauna rises to a maximum of 130 F.

 Cabin Size

In length, width, and height, the sauna has a dimension of 31.8″ W x 33.46″ D x 40.94″. It weighs around 20 pounds.

Chair and Foot Pad

It comes with a sturdy and foldable chair. On the feet is the heating footpad, and also, this sauna has a set of rollers for massaging your feet.


  • The feet rollers relieve your feet from pain and massage your feet for relaxation.
  • The sauna is light, and you can carry it with you wherever you go.
  • The heating footpads ensure that your body receives the heat all around.
  • It comes with the most effortless unfolding installation


  • It contains one person at every session.

Why we recommend

The sauna has an extra feature of rollers. The rollers massage your feet as you enjoy the sauna session. Loozys brings you portable spa and sauna products to deliver a spa-like experience at your home or office.

The product is made using high-quality materials and technologies to help relieve pain and stress, detox the body, or lose weight. Save time and money of going to expensive spa treatments and treat yourself to Loozys’ products instead.

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Durasage Far Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna 

Are you looking for a portable but efficient portable infrared sauna? Durasage Infrared IR is a perfect option for you. This product combines the best features and therefore, delivery a nearly ideal sauna. For example, it comes with three high-quality heaters.

In addition to being an efficient sauna, the Durasage Infrared IR is one of the easiest saunas to assemble, regardless of one’s experience with portable saunas. However, the easiness to assemble the portable sauna does not negate the importance of reading the manual that comes with the box.Durasage Far Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna 

Special Features

While the Durasage Infrared Sauna is compact, it has some bleeding-edge features. These special features include:

  • High-quality chair

The foldable chair is one of the critical elements that make this portable chair one of the best in this small niche. Unlike most chairs, the foldable chair holds up to 220 pounds, and this is an importable feature.

  • Three heating panels

Apart from the foldable chair, it is essential to the point that the three heating panels make this portable sauna a must-have. This feature also means that the piece is efficient.

Reason to Buy

Some of the reasons why you should consider Durasage Infrared Sauna include:

  • It has remote functionality
  • Has three heaters and therefore efficient
  • Have pockets for storage
  • Can achieve high temperatures
  • It is comfortable

Reason to Avoid

While this portable sauna is efficient, it has a high EMF radiation reading compared to other similar portable saunas.

Why is Durasage Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Sauna the best portable sauna?

Durasage Infrared Sauna is the best portable sauna because of the following three reasons

  • Reasonably priced
  • It is a universal portable sauna, regardless of one’s weight
  • Thanks to high temperature, it is an ideal replacement to traditional infrared saunas

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Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna 

Relax Infrared Portable Sauna is a perfect choice if you a solid unit and more importantly, a sauna has tons of health benefits. While this portable sauna helps in reversing aging, it is more famous for its health benefits. It is therefore correct to state that it is a health-centred sauna.

In addition, the portable sauna is easy to set-up and use. The simple design is supposed to help you set-up the unit as fast as possible. Each accessory in the box is geared towards giving you a comfortable time during your sauna sessions. Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna 

Special Features

Relax Infrared Portable Sauna is unique because of the following key features:

  • Heated footpad

It is hard to find a portable sauna with heated footpad. This feature ensures that your sauna sessions give you a complete body bath. The heated footpad is also an indication that a portable infrared sauna may also have bigger sauna features.

  • Remote functionality

Apart from its efficiency, the Relax Infrared Portable Sauna has a remote functionality. This feature gives you a chance to control different factors such as temperatures without leaving the sauna.

Reason to Buy

You should consider to Relax Infrared Portable Sauna because of the following reasons:

  • It has controlled EMF emissions
  • It is cheaper than other portable saunas
  • Has endless health benefits
  • Has remote functionality
  • The set has pockets for storage
  • Can achieve high temperatures — up to 140 degrees

Reason to Avoid

While the portable sauna is a perfect buy for health purposes, it produces chemical smell, especially if you select high temperatures during sessions.

What makes Relax Infrared Portable Sauna the best portable sauna?

  • Relax Infrared Portable Sauna is the best portable sauna because of two reasons:
  • It is affordable and efficient
  • The portable sauna is comfortable, regardless of your body size.

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Audew Portable Infrared Sauna

Are you looking for a portable infrared sauna that is stylish and efficient? Audew Portable Infrared Sauna combines the two elements in one product and therefore redefining what a portable sauna should look like and the available features. This product accommodates one person and for maximum comfort, it has a foldable chair.

In addition to these features, its design allows you to use your phone while enjoying sauna baths or grab a book or magazine. Therefore, it is correct to state that this portable sauna is a perfect buy for people looking for efficiency and convenience. Audew Portable Infrared Sauna

Special Features

Audew Portable Infrared Sauna has the following key features

  • A carbon heating plate

For better results, the portable sauna comes with an improved carbon heating plate. The place allows you to achieve high temperatures at a short time and more importantly, without overheating issues.

  • A foldable chair

The portable sauna is comfortable, regardless of your body size, thanks to the foldable chair. The chair is also sturdy and can support any weight for long sessions.

  • Pockets

If you are interested in a portable sauna that has extra storage for your phone, Audew Portable Infrared Sauna is what you need. Apart from holding phones, side pockets can also fit books.

Reason to Buy

You should consider Audew Portable Infrared Sauna because of the following reasons:

  • It is comfortable, thanks to the foldable chair.
  • The sauna is efficient
  • It is durable
  • Has a temperature controller
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is made of high-quality materials

Reason to Avoid

While Audew Portable Infrared Sauna is an efficient portable piece, it has a chemical smell, especially in extremely high temperatures.

What makes Audew Portable Infrared Sauna the best portable sauna in the market?

The Audew Portable Infrared Sauna is the best portable sauna because:

  • It has improved carbon heaters
  • It is comfortable, thanks to the foldable chair and a remote control
  • It has a warranty

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What Exactly Is a Portable Infrared Sauna?

Generally speaking, a sauna is a room with high temperatures for health benefits. Saunas are in two categories; ie, the traditional saunas and infrared saunas. In traditional saunas, room temperatures are increased by heaters, which cause the body to sweat. In steam saunas, there are unique stones that are heated and then splashed water, and therefore they heat the body with steam.

The infrared saunas, on the other hand, use special heaters called far infrared heaters. The heaters contain the infrared waves which are emitted to the body, causing relaxation. Experts categorize these saunas as therapy rather than just mere sauna experience.

You see, with the infrared tech, manufacturers have come with flexible, efficient, and comfortable portable infrared saunas. Saunas are those that you can fold and carry wherever you go. They have relatively small footprints, with a sizeable foldable sit for you to fit inside, depending on the manufacturers.

So in other words, a portable sauna is a container with infrared heaters, with intentions of raising your body temperature to provide you with all health benefits. The health benefits include increased heart rate, increased metabolism, intense relaxation, and detoxification. They come in wood, metallic, and moisture resistant polyester materials. You can know about sauna fact & FAQ

Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Infrared Sauna

Saunas are conventional in the gyms, in hospitals as one of the health facilities, and in the beauty parlors for relaxation. Interestingly, today’s saunas have found their way into our homes. How? Thanks to the portable saunas, it is easy for you to have this easy to carry and foldable sauna in your home. With this flexible sauna, you are now able to enjoy all the saunas’ health benefits in your house.

Although these saunas are entirely new in the market, they are popular due to their efficiency. They heat differently than dry heat and steam saunas but have an equal effect. Consider the following when buying a portable infrared sauna.

Consider the Heating Elements/ Heaters

Heat is the core of any sauna, either stationary or portable saunas. Many portable infrared saunas use carbon fiber infrared far heating panels. The heater panels emit heat from the whole surface area to prevent hot spots.

Some portable heaters will come with special infrared heating zones. They use the carbon fiber heaters tech, but unlike them, they come with control panels. The control panels give you the liberty to control the amount of heat emitted, setting the right temperature increases your time in the sauna and makes you feel comfortable.

When purchasing these saunas, ensure that infrared heaters emit low electromagnetic fields (EMF). Some come with zero EMF. High emissions of electromagnetic fields are harmful to the body organs.

Check Saunas Maximum Temperatures

Before purchasing your portable infrared sauna, ensure that you know the maximum heat emission. Well, some folks say that ‘if it hurts, then it is working.

They believe that their perfect sauna experience it’s when the temperatures are incredibly high and therefore needs high maximum temperature.

Remember that most portable saunas have 120F. Some are extremely good and may reach 150F. Depending on your taste and preference, consider this aspect before finalizing a purchase. Consider other factors if you don’t like extreme temperatures.

Get the Right Size for You

As discussed earlier, this sauna encloses you inside it. Therefore, size should be your core factor when buying a portable sauna. You will lay down in this sauna, and therefore you should aim for comfort in this relaxing session.

Portable saunas come in various sizes depending on the size of the user and especially for those with claustrophobia. A sauna that allows you to sit is likely to be more comfortable than that which does not. Consider those aspects before settling for your choice.

Consider Other Added Features

When all other aspects are useful to you, consider checking additional features. For instance, some portable saunas come with heating pads. The heating pads enhance the sweating session by increasing body temperature to the core.

Other portable saunas have pockets for your phone. Some other added features are holes for your hands. These features are meant to keep you comfortable and cozy during sauna sessions. Some popular brands may have uncomfortable seats and so; consider the comfort of the sauna seat before making the final decisions.

In the infrared saunas, some make control panels to ensure that you regulate the heat produced. They make wireless remotes for efficiency and security. Lastly, consider if the added features are in the package or you buy them separately.

Check other Accessories

When purchasing your new portable sauna, consider the following accessories to improve your sauna sessions.

  • Add a thermometer to keep the temperature in check.
  • Upgrade your floor. It is correct that these saunas come with standard floors but consider a comfortable level to erase the chances of slipping.
  • Consider signage and hang it on the wall for people who are not conversant with the sauna.

Advantages Of Buying A Portable Sauna

Originally, saunas came from Finland. That is where they were first constructed. They were dug on the ground, and the materials used for crafting were logs. Today, they have brought out to scratch, and you can enjoy these saunas at your local gym or beauty parlor. What are the chances that you can experience the health benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your house? The answer is a portable infrared sauna.

They are flexible, and therefore you can carry them along on trips or use them at home. Thankfully, they are hygienic and comfortable with regulated heat emission. Apart from the therapeutic nature of these saunas, they have more and fantastic benefits. The following are the benefits of portable saunas.


Well, just as the name suggests, these saunas are easy to carry around. The seats and the whole set is foldable. Therefore, you can easily carry along when going on vacation. When thinking about resting and reflecting in your own space, consider these fantastic and flexible saunas. They may not give out high temperatures like their counterparts, but the effect is all the same.

Improved Health Life

Just like other saunas, these saunas come with a host of health wellness. With regular sauna use, you calm the sore muscles and joints, increase metabolism, reduce stress, and improve your skin conditions. These and many other health benefits come in these fantastic portable saunas.

They are Hygienic

When you are enclosed in an atmosphere with high temperature, chances are bacteria will breed at high rates. In public facilities, it is impossible to thorough cleaning the saunas in between the usage. You can never be sure who you share saunas with. Some people could be sick with communicable diseases or infected with bacteria, which you may be prone to contact.

With a portable sauna, you have full control when it comes to its hygiene. With this private sauna, hygiene matters are not a real concern because it’s a personal item.

They are Relatively Cheap

People find themselves paying for full membership in the gym, yet their sole aim is the spa. It becomes unfair, costly speaking, especially if you don’t use the gym. It is expensive going to the spa to enjoy a sauna session when it is possible to have them in your house.

Building and accessorizing your sauna will cost you a small fortune. It will cost you a lot when running a standardized sauna because of heating an ample space.

Health Benefits of Portable Infrared Saunas

Most of the unhealthy factors mysteriously point to weight gain. Although saunas do not shed dramatic weight, it helps complement your daily healthy routines of losing weight. You can refer to it as the weight loss catalyst. In this article, we will explore ways to lose weight using a sauna.


Biologically, your body is designed to flush toxins through the sweat. Well, it is quite unfortunate that many people don’t sweat enough during their daily activities. These unhealthy toxins get into the body system from the food we eat and merely interacting with different environments.

When using a sauna, the body temperatures are raised to the core, causing the neuro-system to send impulses to the sweat gland and hence produce sweat. The body removes 30% toxins and 70% water during the sauna session. When the toxins are off the system, the lymphatic system becomes apparent, and that causes the body to burn fats quickly and gives your body energy to exercise. The process increases the chances of weight loss.

Enlarges exercise capacity

When exercising, one of the barriers to effective body exercise is the respiratory system. When carrying out aerobic exercises, the body requires a lot of oxygen in the process. Moments in the sauna help clear the respiratory system. It helps increase the functionality of your respiratory system and causes the body to produce vasodilators.

With increased vasodilators nitric oxide, the blood flows smoothly, transporting oxygen and food in the muscles and therefore allowing easy and longer hours of exercise. The process leads to evident body trim.

Reduces stress

It is a known factor that stress triggers weight gain and inhibits weight loss. The amount of time you spend in the sauna causes your body to release endorphin chemicals. These chemicals cause the body to feel good and relieve you from stress. When the weight gain triggers are eliminated, then the body can easily shun off its weight.

Increased body metabolism

When your body gets exposure to heat or cold, the body reacts to set a balance. When in a sauna, the body works harder to ensure that the body cools, and thus heart rates increase by 30%. Metabolism process burns calories by converting stored fats in the body into usable energy. In the process, your body shed off some weight.

Portable Infrared  sauna assembly instructions

Just like the name says, portable saunas are more of DIY, i.e. DO IT Yourself assembly. The manual is straightforward with the poles indicated with a letter. It is quite simple to assemble these saunas. They don’t require any particular type of electrical wiring. They are safe and easy to use. The following are some of the steps to show you how you go about assembling this spectacular sauna.

Simply connect lower extension poles to the pole connectors

This step is self-explanatory. It is the first step in forming the sauna base. Do not get weary; the manual will show which poles are extensions and connectors.

Join straight poles with connector poles

Again this is the second step of crafting the base. The straight poles are the longest and come with letters to avoid confusion.

Join straight poles into both sides of the of lower extension poles

Before actual joining, you should lay all the parts on the floor to ensure that they are perfecting. This step will save you from the tedious work of repeating the process.

Join straight pole into connectors and lower extension poles

Well, this is the last step of assembling the base. The lower extension poles come with three holes. The two connect with straight poles and the other with the straight pole for the height. After this stage, you form the base.

The next steps are joining the straight poles with lower extension to form a perfect skeleton. The swivels form the shape of the sauna and the door.

After finishing the framework,

Open the base of the sauna, and reveal the bottom and start rigging

Unzip the sauna and let it in the framework. Fit in and ensure that the corners wrap around the sauna edges. Fold sauna upside to cover frames on top. Ensure that it fits well for the zipper to close without straining.

Put the hood on the Velcro strips

It is the last step and voila! Your sauna is ready for use.

How to use a portable sauna bath safely

Just like the common saying, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry.’ Well, these saunas come with precautions in handy. Sauna bathing is one of the most beneficial health activities. They calm nerves and sore muscles and joints, causes the body to detoxify, increase heart rates etc. nevertheless, there are hazardous activities in the sauna that would cause accidents and, worst of all, death. Follow the following precautions for your safety.

Stay hydrated

It sounds cliché, but it is the first in the list. When using saunas, you lose a lot of water in the process. It is one of the reasons you use a sauna in the first place. To avoid catastrophic incidents, ensure that your body stays hydrated before and after using a sauna.

Time yourself

Luckily, today’s saunas, especially the infrared, come with friendly interface control panel. Ensure that you put the duration and regulate the amount of heat that you are comfortable with. As the first-timer do not spend more than 30 minutes in the sauna.

Avoid using alcohol

Alcohol is one of the significant dehydration catalysts. In this activity, the main aim is to remain hydrated. So, do not use saunas when drank or drink inside the sauna. Apart from dehydration and hypotension, it is unsafe when you get tipsy.

Take measures when ill

For the folks with heart problems, saunas could be catastrophic to you if you use without consulting your doctor. The reactions in the sauna involve the organs and tissues. The heart rates become high and hence, could cause blood pressure. When interchanging with ice bathing, you could create heat strikes.

Get info about EMF emissions

Electrical appliances cause EMF emissions. They are dangerous and may create a layer of dangerous radiation that harms the body. Use the saunas that have low to zero EMF.

How Do Portable Infrared Saunas Work?

The heat has been used over the centuries for a cure. The body’s reaction to increased temperature is terrific. Using a sauna allows the body to warm from the core, flushing out toxins and restarting, especially if the heart rates were low. It is like a magical revamping the body.

Just like ordinary saunas, portable infrared saunas function the same way. Apart from crafting and material used in making them, they carry the same health benefits of saunas. Infrared saunas use radiation to heat the body, unlike their counterparts, which use the steam and hot air.

Infrared saunas are beneficial because the waves penetrate the body to the core. The results are profuse sweating session.  The process leads to flushed toxins by 30% of the sweat. So, in other words, portable saunas are simplified saunas. They are comfortable and very private since you get enclosed in them. Some come with a chair and openings for your arms.

You can read a book of other activities from the outside while the rest of the body, i.e. from the neck, is inside the sauna.

The infrared heater is connected to the inside with a hosepipe, which sends the infrared waves in the interior. Some of these infrared saunas come with a remote to regulate the amount of heat produced by the heaters. They are crafted to ensure that you are comfortable.

What results it’s a healthy lifestyle. The body kind of jump-starts primarily increased metabolism, which results in the conversion of stored fats into usable energy.

Types of Portable Infrared Sauna

The first sauna was discovered in Finland. It was underground with the logs as the material. Later, they were crafted into reasonable sizes on the ground. More afterwards, people found various ways to heat the room. The conventional saunas have unique stones that preheated, and then water sprinkled on them, producing steam in the sauna.

There are no specific categories for a portable sauna. They are differentiated with the specs, heaters, installation and material used in construction. Each manufacturer has a specificity that makes their product different and unique.

When it comes to heaters, some use steamers as the source of heat. The steamers are connected to the sauna with a hosepipe which sends the steam in the sauna. When all water in the steamer evaporates, that means sauna session is over. Recently infrared portable saunas have encroached into the market. They are way convenient with the panels strategically placed to heat the room evenly. They come fully installed, and no specialized electrical wiring is needed.

On another category, is the installation design. One thing that you should be clear on is that all saunas are easy to install. In fact, some need unfolding and viola! They are ready for use. To some, they need assembling the framework before covering it with material clothing. In that case, the poles come with manual and labels to avoid confusion.

Other differences are the specs. Specs range from the size of a sauna, its internal specs like the footpads, flooring and the seats. Again seats vary in size and their construction materials. Other variations are the materials. In all saunas, the primary material is light to ensure that it’s easy to carry. Some portable saunas are constructed with satin and polythene materials.

How to Clean a Portable Sauna

Research shows that one of the advantages of portable saunas, both steam and infrared, has easy maintenance. It’s easy to maintain your sauna, unlike traditional saunas. Keeping your sauna clean is a menial commitment.

The number of times you clean your sauna depends on how often you use it. If, for instance, you use the sauna daily, then you should clean it thoroughly ones in a fortnight. The sauna should be sanitary and clean all the time. If you use it 2-3 times in a week, then thorough cleaning should be done once in a month.

Be informed that we are talking about thorough cleaning. When it comes to maintenance, you should wipe it every time you use it. Steam portable sauna, for instance, it becomes dump after using it. Ensure that you wipe it with a damp towel after using it. Then you can take it outside for drying.

Luckily these portable saunas come with suitable materials that are easy to clean. That being said, it means you have no excuse for a clean portable sauna. When cleaning your portable sauna, however, do not use chemicals. The reason being they could be absorbed by the material and later cause harm in your body.

Most of the infrared saunas come with oxygen ionizers. The ionizers prevent molds, bacteria, viruses, etc. it is wise to leave the ionizer on for 30 minutes to ensure that your portable sauna remains sanitary, fresh, and enjoyable.

One of the precautions is already mentioned above. Never use chemicals as ingredients for cleaning your sauna. They would destroy your sauna over time and make you sick. When you buy cleaners, ensure that you get a safety sheet to learn the ingredients used to verify its safety.

Don’t forget when you are using your sauna to include your seat and the footpads. For those that come with a chair, you should clean them as well. But if you use your chair, ensure that it’s clean every time you use the sauna.

Portable Sauna Steam Vs. Infrared Sauna

Saunas are one of the best luxuries of life. They bring home quite many health benefits and gives rest. Although the stationary and traditional saunas are costly, the portable saunas are affordable and offer all the health benefits as their counterparts. Steam and infrared saunas differ significantly, especially on heating elements. The following are the differences between the infrared and steam portable saunas;

Heat options

When you hear a sauna, your mind thinks of steam. It is the oldest in the world of saunas. Steam is the primary source of heat in these saunas. To the infrared, they use special heaters with infrared waves that penetrate your skin and make you sweat. In any case, both produce heat for the sauna session.


Well, infrared technology is recent, and as we all know, the current has an advantage over the old. Though both of them offer health benefits, infrared is more effective. The infrared waves penetrate deeper into the body tissues and hence increases the body temperature to the core. Therefore, if both saunas enable your body to detoxify, then infrared will flush a higher percentage.

Amount of heat in the sauna

Well, heat is the primary ingredient in a sauna. Some people love the high temperature, and others love it mild. In any case, steam saunas emit high temperatures compared to the infrared saunas. Therefore, if you like high temperatures in a sauna, then steam is the best option.

EMF emission

Infrared saunas are prone to electromagnetic fields. Whether the heaters are far infrared or near, the sauna will still emit EMF. The manufacturers, however, have come with ways to ensure that the saunas produce low EMF. Steam saunas, on the other hand, do not raise a concern of EMF because only the steam from steam generators is directed to the sauna.

No sauna is better than the other. It depends entirely on your likes and preferences. Having that in mind, choose a sauna that will meet your daily needs.

Final thought

Saunas are one of the most luxurious items in a homestead, spa, or gym. They are costly, yes, but they come with a full package of health benefits, and physically, they help you relax. The technology of saunas keeps on expanding with time, from the traditional sauna, home-friendly stationary saunas, and portable saunas.

That being said, manufacturers have come up with various saunas ranging from material, size, heating sources, and design. Depending on your likes and preferences, there are so many portable saunas to choose from. Each has a unique spec which makes it unique and hence flatters you with choices. Do personal research from the reviews and gather all the information and settle for the best portable sauna for your daily needs.

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