Portable Saunas For Sale Minnesota

The Quickest Way To Put A Sauna Anywhere In Your Home

Sauna Supply Company carries a full line of free standing panel built Saunas. Our panel built Saunas come in Traditional, Infrared, and Hybrid (Traditional and Infrared Capabilities).

About Our Portable Saunas

Our portable Sauna offering, commonly referred to as a “Sauna Kit”, is extensive and offers virtually endless customization options. Our panel built Saunas come in both traditional and infrared, or a hybrid combination of both traditional / infrared. View our entire Sauna Kit catalog.

Traditional Portable Saunas

A traditional portable Sauna is a panel built Sauna room with an electric Sauna heater capable of taking water to create steam. 

Infrared Saunas

We are proud to carry the #1 Sauna Heater in the world, Finnleo. 

Finnleo is trusted by the most serious Sauna enthusiasts, who simply desire the best with each and every steam they take.

Choosing a heater for your sauna depends on the size of the sauna room itself. Contact us with the size of your space and we’ll guide you on the heater capable of delivering best experience there is.

Hybrid Saunas

A hybrid sauna offers both infrared and traditional capabilities. For those who want both infrared and steam capabilities out of their sauna, consider one of our hybrid sauna units!