Portable Steam Sauna Benefits

Saunas have been used by people for hundreds of years, dating back to practices observed by those in Finland. Some historians believe various Nordic groups have used saunas to achieve a higher state of mental and physical health for thousands of years as archaeological evidence indicates the existence of bath houses in ancient villages located deep in the mountains of Scandinavia.

With the many different advancements in technology, companies have developed products that allow individuals to experience the benefits of saunas from their very own home.

As walk-in saunas have become ever more popular over the course of the last few decades, some of the top brands in the industry are now turning their attention to creating portable models that are capable of being taken just about anywhere and used on-the-go.

These new portable saunas bring with them an entirely new litany of benefits that simply can’t be achieved with older, at-home saunas or public bathhouses.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at just how these portable saunas can help you achieve a higher level of overall health as it relates to your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Portable Steam Saunas

First we have to ask the question of whether portable steam saunas work or not…

Do Portable Steam Saunas Really Work?

The short answer to this question is yes. Portable saunas have shown to provide the same level of healing and relaxation that full-size saunas do, but with an added level of convenience.

Many sauna enthusiasts are now ditching their large walk-in saunas for the ease and convenience of a portable sauna as it allows them to have their head and hands free to browse their mobile device, read a book, or watch their favorite TV show.


The first and most prominent benefit of portable saunas is the ability to detoxify your body in a way that diet and exercise practices simply can’t deliver.

Saunas are designed to utilize heat to force the body to relax and, in doing so, expunge some of the harmful toxins that are so often collecting in the muscle tissue, joints, and other parts of our internal structure.

Many of these toxins can have serious health risks that can, overtime, lead to significant illnesses and disease. These toxins are also responsible for unwanted fat storage.

Regularly using a sauna can help in getting rid of these toxins as the body is able to sweat out much of them that are usually stored in adipose tissues.

Removing these toxins through use of a portable sauna can go a long way in keeping your body free and clean from the nasty toxins that might otherwise build up and lead to harmful effects and illness down the road.

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Weight Loss

As you might expect, regular use of a sauna can help you keep a more slim figure by purging your body of unwanted elements that lead to increased fat storage.

Many of the unwanted toxins that are expelled in sauna usage are held in the adipose tissues of the body and are composed of elements that stick around and cause undesirable health effects.

Using a portable sauna causes your body to get rid of these toxins, as well as fat storage by raising your heart rate and making your core temperature rise.

This works much in the same way that exercise helps to get rid of unwanted toxins and fat, forcing your body to expel them through sweat from your pores.

While inside a portable sauna, your body is forced to work overtime in order to cool your internal organs and keep everything functioning.

This helps you burn calories in the same manner you would through moderate exercise. Those who regularly use a portable sauna have often reported an overall loss of unwanted body fat over the course of a few months.

Better Mental Health

In the process of disposing of harmful toxins, using a portable sauna on a regular basis can also lead to an overall increase in your mental health.

Having a build-up of unwanted toxins and fat are scientifically proven to lead to negative mental conditions that include sadness, depression, and many other conditions.

For those who feel constantly sluggish and experience low energy levels, using a portable sauna on a regular basis can significantly help to improve your mental state and overall well being.

It is believed that people of ancient Scandinavian origin held sauna use in very high regard to their overall mental health. Many of them are even believed to have connected a spiritual cleansing effect to sauna use.

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Aching Joints and Muscle Soreness

For hundreds of years, the benefits of regular sauna use has been well-documented in its ability to relieve aching joints and muscle soreness.

This is due to the fact that the heat of the sauna forces your body to relax to a higher degree than normal and allows itself to sweat out toxins and other elements that are harmful.

What truly makes portable saunas able to help alleviate muscle and joint soreness is that it forces your body to increase its own blood flow to outer extremities, which provides your aching joints and muscles with needed nutrients that it might have been deprived of if you hadn’t used a portable sauna.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Many people are unaware of the fact that regular sauna use is an excellent way to help increase your body’s cardiovascular health.

The high levels of heat produced by the sauna force your heart to pump faster and harder in an effort to regulate your overall temperature.

This works in the same way exercise does in helping your heart increase its ability to provide ample amounts of blood to every part of your body.

Improve Skin Tone

As regular use of a portable sauna helps your body to continuously excrete unwanted toxins and other elements, it also works to purge your outer layer of harmful elements that would otherwise be trapped inside your skin and tissue.

Using a sauna on a regular basis helps to improve your skin tone and complexion by getting rid of excess fat and toxic elements, which makes your skin look tighter and younger than it would without using a sauna.

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How Hot Does a Portable Steam Sauna Get?

It’s very important to pay attention to the temperature of your portable steam sauna.

Most portable steam saunas are capable of reaching temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s recommended that users start out with a lower temperature around 90 degrees and work their way up once they feel comfortable doing so.

How Long Should You Sit in a Steam Sauna?

Studies have shown that sitting in a steam sauna for at least 15 minutes at a time can have clear health benefits that increase with regular use.

It is often recommended that users sit inside a steam sauna for up to one hour at a time as sitting for a longer stretch can prove to have ill side effects that can lead to heat exhaustion and other risks.

If you’re just getting started in using your portable sauna, try starting out with a short 30-minute session and work your way up to one hour sessions once you feel more comfortable.

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There are many other benefits to using a portable sauna that can only be achieved by those who are willing to take the time to utilize a portable sauna.

The practice of using a sauna might be an ancient method of healing and improving your overall health and well being, but the benefits to using a portable sauna are as evident now as they ever have been.