Euro 6 x 12 Outdoor Sauna

The Finnleo Euro 6’x12′ is an outdoor panel built sauna that offers a wide variety of custom options. Customize the type of exterior and interior wood, bench wood, choose between several door options, windows, lighting and more.  It features a timeless look with a single slope roof and is built to withstand Minnesota winters.


The Euro 612, or the Euro 6’x12′ outdoor panel built sauna is a customizable traditional sauna, designed for a lifetime of heavy use.  It is a step up from the Euro 57. It is a free-standing room that features a single sloped roof. Choose your type of wood on both the interior and exterior, bench layout, heater, add a changing room, and much more. See all the customizable options below.

This model is design for up to three sauna users. The outdoor Euro Series also is built in sizes 4’x5’, 4’x6′5’x6’, 5’x7′, and 7’x10′.

Type: Traditional Panel Built Sauna

The Finnleo Euro Series is a traditional sauna type, which means that you can add water to the heater rocks to create steam. These are a popular sauna option for those that want a custom look, but like the visual aesthetic of the panel built sauna.

Heater: Himalaya or Designer Series

240V power is required to run all outdoor models and must be installed by a certified electrician. Similar to running power to an outdoor hot tub, you can hire your own electrician, or we can connect you with one of the electricians we recommend.

Wood Type: Custom

The Euro Series has both a customizable interior and exterior wood types. Choose from cedar, taika, hemlock, or spruce for the tongue & groove walls. The benching and backrests come in any of cedar, hemlock, or abachi wood.

Control: SaunaLogic 2

The Finnleo Euro 612 features the SaunaLogic 2 control. This is an simple-to-use sauna control that has a wifi upgraded option that allows for the sauna to be controlled by your smart device.

Door: Glass or Wood

Choose between a wood door, or a clear glass, bronze tinted glass or frosted glass door.

Windows: Optional – Clear or Bronze Tint

Customize how many windows are in the sauna. The windows come in either a clear glass or a bronze tint.

Lighting: RGBW LED Strip Lighting, RGBW Puck Lights, Wall Lights

The Euro comes with three different lighting options. RGBW LED strip lighting, RGBW puck lights, or wall lights.

Bench Skirts: Optional

Bench skirts are available in all wood types. Two tone “Twilight” look available.

Backrest: Two Bar Standard w/ Upgraded Looks Available

The backrest comes with the two bar standard look. There are upgraded options available.

Flooring: Wood Duckboard or Dri-Dek

Choose between a wood duckboard or a Dri-Dek floor.

Vinyl False Floor: Optional

The Euro Series has an optional vinyl false floor.

Roof: Single Slope

The roof comes standard with a single slope.

Soundbar: Optional

The optional soundbar connects with the SaunaLogic 2 control and can be powered from your phone or smart device.

Why Choose The Finnleo Euro 6×12

The Euro 6’x12′ traditional sauna is a popular outdoor sauna for up to three people. It takes up less space than the other Euro Series Saunas, offering a lot of versatility for where you want to place the sauna. With its custom options and aesthetics, you can get the right look for you. It warms up quickly with 240 volt power running to the heater and is built to withstand Minnesota winters.

Where Can I Place My Finnleo Euro 612 Sauna?

All Finnleo Euro Series are panel built, pre-fabricated saunas. They ship ready to install, anywhere you’d like outdoors. DIY Installation is entirely possible, we also offer installation service so you can remain 100% hands off.

The Euro Outdoor 6’x12′ Sauna is built for outdoor use and can be placed nearly anywhere you’d like.